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F1 discussion

New classic F1 moments

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    Those in our mid-20s and older look back on certain moment in F1 as those classic moments; Prost’s and Senna’s collisions, Mansell’s tyre blow-out, Villeneuve v Arnoux, etc. I was just curious which modern moments people think will be remembered like this in the same way we think of the 80’s in terms of classic moments.

    For example, one I’ll put down as a classic (nowhere near as good as Gilles though) would be Schumacher’s and Hamilton’s multi-lap battle in China last year. Going back a little further, Schumacher stalling on the grid of the 1998 Japanese Grand Prix and blowing his championship chances, only to pass 2/3 of the grid in the opening stint and inject life back into the race.

    I’d be particularly interested to hear from our younger f1fs about this.

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    Massa and Kubica, Japan 2007

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    I’m in my mid-20’s but can’t look back further than ’99 without using YouTube. In any case without doubt one to add to the pantheon will be the last corner of Brazil ’08.

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    Last laps of Spa 2008
    Last laps of Montreal this year

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    Brazil 2008 is an instant classic.
    Spa 2008 was absolutely awesome
    Monaco 2008 was pretty impressive too
    Webbers crash at Valenmcia 2010
    Korea 2010
    Hamilton in China 2011
    Vettel vs Button in Canada 2011
    Vettel vs Alonso at Monaco 2011
    Alonso’s starts at Barcelona and Monza this year were epic as well

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    One comes to mind straight away:

    Spa 2000 – Hakkinen vs Schumacher and that overtake!!

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    Was it Turkey 2010 that VET and WEB collided? Well, the HAM vs BUT battle in the same race was quite cool

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    Mas around the outside of Ham for T1 at Hungary for me is the moment I’ll never forget. I don’t know why (it’s probably just that it was Massa I’ll happily admit) but it’s always just stuck with me.

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    I was unable to watch F1 from 2006 to the middle of 2010 (only had Irish TV channels) so the above are the things I can recall best if you were to ask me about what happened before 2010. :)

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    The Hamilton/Raikkonen battle at Spa 2008, Vettel/Webber crash in Turkey 2010. And of most recent, I do think Button’s win in Canada will be seen as a classic simply because of how rare last lap passes for the win are and the fact that he did it with so many obstacles to overcome.

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    Ritvik Vinodkumar

    Maybe Webber on Alonso at Spa 2011.

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    boundary layer

    -Schumacher vs Alonso at Imola 2005!!
    -Alonso’s start at Indianapolis 2004

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    Colossal Squid

    Spa crash 1998
    Hamilton beaching his McLaren in China 07
    Last Lap of Brazil 08
    Imola 05 and 06: Alonso v Schumacher parts I and II
    Suzuka 2000 has to be pretty iconic, Schumacher and Ferrari winning the title.

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    @steph I remember that too, mostly because just before it Hamilton said something along the lines of ‘no one overtakes me around the outside’, I laughed my pants off when it happened :D

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    Canada 07, a great day for me and Lewis.
    Australia 07, loved it when Hamilton nabbed Alonso around the outside!!
    Silverstone 03 was special, Alonso squeezed on the grass at 190 mph.
    Brazil 08, Enough said.
    Imola 05 and 06 was stunning.

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