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F1 discussion

New F1 podium design


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    Not sure if this has been posted but I was browsing through the gallery of Silverstone Wednesday images on the Sky Sports website and noticed this:

    Looks like the podium has been redesigned.

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    Keith Collantine

    @fishfingers No, that’s where it was last year when they built the new pits. The plan is to build large new grandstands opposite so lots of fans have a good view of it.

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    I mean the actual platform they stand on, it’s all curved and has this shiny metal around it. Last year it was the usual cardboard/wood background (Santander) that we are used to.

    Look at the picture – there is a free standing part with some sort of roof that was definitely not there last year.

    Last year reference photo:

    Profile photo of Slr

    The new podium looks okay, though I wait to see the actual podium ceremony to see if it better. The positioning of it is stupid.

    By the way, I never realised on the royal family members was there last year. I’m not sure of his name however as I’m not really interested in the royal family.

    Profile photo of fishfingers
    Profile photo of fishfingers

    Here is the best picture yet:

    Looks like a new podium design for all races going forward.

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    Fantastic podium.

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    There appears the the podium ceremony has been changed as well. For the GP2 Feature Race there was music played as the drivers came onto the podium (which I found a bit cheap) and the audio by Bob Constanduros was part of the official TV feed (Will Buxton and Jerome d’Ambrosio went quiet for a good few minutes as a result). I would prefer to hear the commentators and the interviews on the podium were not something I would want to see again (that didn’t feature in the GP3 race).

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    I missed the real flags… nothing like seeing your nation’s colours being raised.

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    @katederby Agreed, a picture of a flag on a screen has no soul.

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    I’m not a fan of the new podium. I find the current arrangements to be a bit bland, and having the flags on screens makes the situation worse, not better. Still, it makes the podium at Monaco more special, so I guess we can’t complain.

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    I think FOM are trying a few new things. They did that seemingly impromptu interview with Charlie Whiting yesterday which I have never seen before in my years of watching Formula 1, now they’re possibly adding a small bit of commentary to the world feed for the podium ceremony… Will they one day have world feed commentary? Will FOM have its own premium channel at a cost with its own commentators and unrivalled access and coverage? Am I reading too much into this?

    By the way, does anyone have a video of this ceremony?

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    I think thet it’d be nice should the podium be placed on top of the silverstone wing

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    Apart from the lack of actual flags, and the guy that doesn’t know when to stop saying Champagne, it looks good. Going by the GP2/3 races, anyway.

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