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    Didn’t Williams win a world championship with Honda engines back in the nineties?



    They used Honda engines from 1983 (I think) to 1987. They won the 1987 WDC with Nelson Piquet and the WCC in 1986 and 1987.



    Long time reader, first time poster – so be gentle!

    If we are going to see more manufacturers, it would have to be the right brand.
    Lots of people have said VW, but I don’t think that’s a good fit for their image. You don’t look at a Golfs, Polos or Up!s and think “Hmm, sporty” – they are a ‘safe’, aspirational brand – F1 would not add to it.
    Porsche – I have always felt is better connected with Sportscars, Le Mans specifically.
    Would like to see Porsche take over at Le Mans with Audi heading back to rallies, but I can’t see that. I think Audi would be a good fit for GT racing, but that seems to be in a permanent state of flux.
    So that leaves Bentley (not an F1 Bentley, god please!) or, in my eye the most likely, Lamborghini. They were in it before, even had an abortive stab at their own team (1991) and would be an interesting rival for Ferrari…
    Speaking of rivals for Ferrari, Alfa have the history, but not the cars (any more). Now all about style, I don’t see them coming to racing at all (in any works capacity anyway).

    Further afield, Honda have to come back, would like to see one of the Big Three from the US put in an appearance (would prefer Ford, but any would do) and a couple of smaller independent/privateer teams (making the step up from GP2 maybe?).

    I know all this would lead to 30 car entries – but that has happened before. And it was fun.



    Yes, Williams would be a good candidate for Honda engines
    Re VW, it’s really VW group, agree that a VW F1 makes llittle sense; they (Porsche and Audi) have the upmost racing expertise, but Lamborghini seems to be growing as well and was part of F1 with V12 engines, many years ago
    As Ferrari, Alfa is owned by Fiat, so they would rather be in other categories in motorsports, not F1

    Although Americans love motorsports, it’s interesting how F1 is not yet their passion…NASCAR and INDY are far ahead….this makes less likely that the big three would have much interest in F1, although Ford has the potential….but world economy does not help at the moment

    Smaller teams would be nice, but again they have to be more competitive than HRT was, or Marussia and Catherham are doing. Not easy with current costs of hundreds of millions $….

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