New Mclaren livery

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    So with the Mercedes engine deal set to expire. A livery change is required

    at Mclaren. Lots of head scratchin goin on. The silver arrows are mercedes works team. A return to the Marlboro esign colours of white and red. Would suit vodafone. Team Mclaren colour is orange, which would not go down well with Vodafone !!! My suggestion Ferrari is red, Mclaren is blue. How about a metalic, chrome, shade of blue – similar to silver but blue.

    It would continue the silver, chrome color influenced by West. Which looks rather stylish. Continuing with this but a blue tint to it!!??!!!



    But orange is the new Mclaren livery:


    I certainly think chrome will continue, at least until the Vodafone deal (recently extended) runs out. Vodafone will want continuity – people see the chrome and think Vodafone as well as Mclaren (as well as Mercedes)!

    So we might see a new colour if when they get a new title sponsor, as well as post Mercedes era. :)


    Bradley Downton

    As much as i want it to be Orange, i think the teamwear this year may be a subtle hint.



    Just because McLaren’s deal with Mercedes ends doesn’t mean the livery must change. However if they do change livery, then it would be nice to see their West livery again.



    The link U provided is to the MP4-12C (Mclaren road car),

    I am referring to the Mclaren F1 team.

    Ferrari is red, Mclaren should be blue (a stylish silver/chrome blue)




    It is the MP4-12C GT3, a new racing car Mclaren will enter in the Le Mans series. That picture I posted is not of a road car.

    I wouldn’t mind them to go all out Rocket Red – which is more orangey than red! It would make vodafone very happy and hark back to Mclaren’s roots.


    Ned Flanders

    “So with the Mercedes engine deal set to expire”

    Err… according to who? And even if it does, why would this necessitate a livery change?



    I think the Mercedes engine deal is until 2015, and even that could be extended.

    As Ned said though, if it did end, doesn’t mean they have to change the livery.


    sbl on tour

    why do mclaren not have any sponsorship logos on the back of the rear wing, noticed this last season too?

    if theres nought on it you,d think they would offer the space to a local good cause or something similar for each different race


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t think a change from the chrome is imperative. Silver has been incorporated into the livery in some way or another since the team first picked up West sponsorship. And considering that other teams with Vodafone sponsorship – like Triple Eight in the V8 Supercars – also run silver in their liveries, I don’t think they’ll be changing any time soon. It’s not like anyone has gotten McLaren and Mercedes GP confused since Mercedes bought out Brawn.



    why not just make it pink with silver love hearts and be done with it!


    Ned Flanders

    sbl- it’s been empty since Santander defected to Ferrari. You’d think a team like McLaren would be able to replace them fairly easily, but obviously they haven’t. Putting a charity on their would be a nice gesture, but I suppose the problem with that is that when they do find a proper sponsor it would be bad PR to dump the charity. Barcelona (the football team) have that problem at the moment, trying to incorporate both a sponsor and UNICEF onto their shirts



    “So with the Mercedes engine deal set to expire”

    according to who?

    >UR not very quick R U. The mercedes engine deal has not been renewed

    Mercedes have their own works team, Ron is building the Mclaren road car (MP4-12C)

    he intends to put their own engine in the F1 car.

    Ron has been planning it for over 10 years !!!!!

    This necessiitates a livery change because Mercedes are the silver arrows



    Team Mclaren colours are orange.

    Vodafone would NOT like to advertise their competitors.

    Hmm would Vodafone really want 2 advertise their biggest competitors.

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