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Next 3 drivers to Depart from F1 racing ?

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    Who do you reckon is on the way out?




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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Heidfeld, Webber and Trulli.

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    Webber, Karthikeyan, Liuzzi (and pedro de la rosa).

    I don’t understand why no team is using Fisichella as a driver on the grid this year. He’s actually a really good driver.

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    I hope you are wrong with Glock but you might be right…but only slightly.

    I would say:

    Trulli – dont want him to but seems the most likely

    Heidfeld – getting old and since Kubica will most likely be back, and hasnt impressed enough to get an offer from anywhere else

    Ricciardo – too early in the season to know but I ran out of ideas so I just put him in here

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    I’m betting the last cherries remaining in the fridge on Trulli, Heidfeld and erm… Erm… Can I use a Joker here? How does this thing work if you run out of ideas? :-D

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    Nic Morley

    Liuzzi, Trulli and Heifeld.

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    Seems there is quite a consensus on Trulli and Heidfeld leaving already. Agree on Heidfeld, as I don’t know where he would go except to drive for BMW in DTM.

    I would think DlRosa stays with McLaren as tester. And I think Webber will stay as well, with Red Bull. Glock would not quit. He can stay with Virgin, as they might improve with McLaren help. It might even be a way for him to end up driving for McLaren in the future!

    Even Trulli might stay, as Lotus keep repeating that its their car problems holding him back. I guess Liuzzi might be out of a job depending on what the HRT owners are doing. And Narain might be out of a job (or end up test driver at Williams again?) alternatively Sutil will be dropped and ends up in DTM as well.

    So my best guess: Heidfeld, Liuzzi and Sutil

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    Trulli and Heidfeld are obvious ones, and then either D’Ambrosio or Liuzzi might get replaced by someone with more money for 2012.

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    I’m sure that Heidfeld will be gone once Kubica returns.

    Trulli should be replaced at the end of this season as well.

    I would like to see Barrichello retire, but I would have to say that we might see D’Ambrosio leave before him.

    EDIT – Karthikeyan has pretty much left the sport already, I’m guessing the Indian GP is the last time he steps in an F1 car. Hope he makes the 107% cut, or it could get even more embarrassing

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    No more mid-season swap arounds I think.

    Schumacher “retiring II”



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    Ned Flanders

    Well, Trulli is already gone! Possibly on temporarily but I remain sceptical that’ll be back regardless of Fernandes’ PR crap.

    Technichally, Ricciardo will also be dropped later in the season, for Karthikeyan at the Indian GP. But that’s only for one race so perhaps it doesn’t count. Other than that, and obvious candfidate would be one of the Toro Rosso drivers, and Jermoe d’Ambrosio. Also there’s a rumour Tonio Liuzzi is going to get the boot for a Spanish pay driver

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    Why on earth would you say Glock? He’s not old, slow, or beaten by teammate. And with the changes at Virgin it’s looking like they might improve, so I don’t know where you’re coming from with this.

    I’d say Trulli, the obvious choice, Liuzzi and Sutil.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Technichally, Ricciardo will also be dropped later in the season, for Karthikeyan at the Indian GP. But that’s only for one race so perhaps it doesn’t count

    But if Chandhok stays with Lotus for the rest of the year, will HRT’s incentive to bring Karthikeyan back for the Indian Grand Prix remain intact?

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