Next new winner?

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    Im not sure, I doubt we’re going to see a “new” winner in 2012, maybe even in 2013. Webber was pretty adament that he’s not retiring after this season, and if he out performs Vettel then he could get another contract at RBR and who knows what Schumacher will do next season.

    The only plausable candidate is Perez, and thats if (as many seem to think) he replaces Massa between now and the new season and Perez is given the gig. I don’t see anyone in a Lotus, Sauber, Force India or Williams winning this year, unless miracles happen.



    Yep, Perez for me – he seems to have a gift for using his tyres and a car in which to do it – so he may yet win in a Sauber, given the right conditions, temperature, rain, the other teams not overtaking Sauber and the team, with points on the board, being less cautious next time… Also, he’s more likely to be driving for a top team before Vergne or Ricciardo, as Webber says he has no intention of stopping.


    Bradley Downton

    I think the only possibilities of new winners this year are Grosjean, Perez, Kobayashi, Senna and Maldonado, simply because:
    Grosjean – The Lotus seems strong and I think a podium should definitely happen, might need to be a lot of luck to win though.
    Perez and Kobayashi – The Sauber does seem a strong car, but they need more experience of fighting for wins and podiums, with this, I think they can be a force, even in the dry.
    Senna and Maldonado – The car, in the race, is quick. This has been shown now in all three races so far, but their Qualifying is dismal. If they can improve their Qualifying performances, podiums could start coming their way, and, with luck, a LOT of it, a win.



    Wow, well done to @girts for finding this topic!

    I think it’ll be Grosjean. E20 is close to the leaders, and a perfect weekend might even get them a race victory. If not, they seem to have what it takes to move up the ladder next year.



    Amazing! I doubt many predicted Perez when this topic was started, but it was nearly him that did it!

    My prediction for the next winner is Grosjean. I really think Lotus can win a race this year, but I’m not sure if Grosjean is up to the task. I really hope he can! Hungary tends to give us new winners/interesting results (Alonso on pole in 2009!), so it might be there. I hope it happens!



    I think that one of the Saubers could win this season already. My bet would go for Kamui in Valencia, if they get strategy right.



    If it was going to happen this year, my guess would be Grosjean, but it possibly could be one of the Sauber drivers. Maybe in a wet and chaotic Monaco GP we might see a Williams up there.
    If it didn’t happen this year however, then I reckon either Perez in a Ferrari, di Resta in a Merc, or, again, Grosjean.



    @thenikii An interesting choice! But why exactly Valencia?



    @girts In Valencia it’s near to impossible to pass, what Kamui proved in 2010 when he was holding 3rd from Jenson for most of the race until he pitted, but then with fresh tyres passed Alonso . Of course then he got up there because of the safety car, but now he’s got much better car. So with a bit of luck in qualifying or race we could be watching him leading the race till chequered flag and nobody could do anything. Only thing that worries me is Sauber race performance in hot conditions, but then again it’s a mystery about all teams.



    I think if it was this year My bet would be on a williams ,sauber or grojean at monaco.



    There are more possibilities now but the point is to bet just one name. I say Kobayashi (perhaps in Montreal).



    Now Rosberg has finally broken his nutter, I’d predict Perez is next.



    I’d think for this year – the most likely non-winner to get a win in the next 16 races would be Grosjean. But considering Perez is probably taking Massa’s seat next year I think Perez is a safe bet; as is whoever replaces Mark (if indeed he is not with RBR next year).



    Okay then. Grojean at Monaco.



    Grosjean at Monaco? Why Monaco? I personally doubt it. I don’t think Grosjean has what it takesto win in Monaco , especially in his “rookie” year.

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