Next new winner?

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    @matt90 you stlil don’t know whether or not the car had more spare pace that he wasn’t using. Maybe he should’ve been a second out front in his two poles. That’s my point. Thing is, conservatism and qualifying at Monaco don’t go hand in hand. Either you have to hang the car out and risk a mistake, or you’d probably lose pole.



    Traditionally Hamilton is normally a few tenths ahead of Button, which he has been all this year (ignoring how badly Button got on in Spain). He’s described a couple of his qualifying laps this year as brilliant- even when he wasn’t on pole, and he has a fairly high bar when it comes to describing a lap as brilliant. I really wanted them to show Hamilton’s lap yesterday before the race, but they chose Maldonado’s. He’s being more measured in the races (hard not to compared to last year), but I haven’t seen anything to suggest he might apply the same approach to quali.



    he has a fairly high bar when it comes to describing a lap as brilliant

    You do realise that this is the guy who has called half his races “the best race of my life,” half his quali laps “the best lap of my life,” all except this year’s car “the best car I’ve ever driven” right? Yes he said that about his 2009 car too…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @matt90 – I think most broadcasters show the pole-sitter’s lap. Although the Australian broadcast showed Romain Grosjean’s at Sepang.



    Fair enough. Saying that probably just shows his enthusiasm for a lap then. If he wasn’t happy that he’d extracted the maximum I don’t see him describing it that highly, regardless of how exaggerated the statement probably is.

    PM, yeah I was expecting them to. I was just hoping they wouldn’t as like you said I’ve seen them do differently on occasion in the past, sometimes highlighting a strong performance by a slower car.



    I have a weird feeling that the next driver to achieve his first victory will be Bruno Senna. I don’t find it logical nor do I rationally think it will happen – but for some reason I think that he’ll be next.


    Fer no.65

    @raymondu999 maybe you’re just high? :P



    @fer-no65 I prefer to call it “premonition” rather than “high” – it sounds way cooler :P

    My lack of any obvious intoxication by any and all substances seem to say otherwise though :P



    Yesterday, Daniel Ricciardo became the first new winner since the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix, which was won by Pastor Maldonado.

    So I guess it’s the right time to reopen this discussion!

    In my opinion, these are the most likely candidates (from the current drivers):

    Kevin Magnussen – It will be surprising if one of the McLarens manages to win a race this year but sooner or later the team should return to the top, given its budget and people. I think McLaren are unlikely to drop Magnussen anytime soon so if he can up his own performance, it is likely that he will get his chance.

    Sergio Perez – The Mexican was not that far away from his first victory yesterday.

    Nico Hulkenberg – His first podium finish is most probably overdue but is the car good enough for more and is Hulkenberg good enough for a better team?

    Valtteri Bottas – Just like Force India, Williams could probably win a race this year, given the right circumstances. However, it’s difficult to predict the future of the team and the driver after 2014.

    Romain Grosjean – Grosjean clearly deserves better equipment and Gerard Lopez has expressed his concerns that Lotus might lose him. The Frenchman is still highly rated and has been close to the victory already a couple of times.

    Daniil Kvyat – If Vettel decides to leave Red Bull after 2015, then Kvyat seems to be the most likely replacement (at the moment).

    Your thoughts?




    Perez (and Hulkenberg) Don’t have the strongest pace in the corners, as Rosberg was proving yesterday.

    Hulkenberg would probably iwin if he were in a more competetive front-runner.
    Bottas hasn’t had things go his way so far in 2014.

    Magnussen hasn’t lookd likely since his Australian Podium.

    Grosjean needs a different team before we even go there.

    Kvyat is definently on the right track to replace Vettel if he does leave Red Bull in the next few years.

    Vergne, Gutierrez, Kobayashi, Ericsson, Chilton, and Bianchi could do anything in the the next few years, so don’t discard them either. I think Sutil’s opportunity has gone by.

    My Predictions in terms of likelihood
    1. Hulkenberg
    2. Bottas
    3. Perez
    4. Magnussen
    5. Kvyat
    6. Vergne
    7. Grosjean
    8. Gutierrez
    9. Kobayashi
    10. Bianch
    11. Chilton
    12. Ericsson
    13. Sutil



    Force India at Monza.
    Perez at Monza.




    Kevin Magnussen, in a McLaren-Honda.


    David Not Coulthard

    Bottas at Spa?

    I still hope Vettel wins there instead, though……



    Magnussen next year. I don’t see Williams or Force India actually winning this year, as it relies on something as bizarre as yesterday happening to both Mercedes again and also Red Bull either slipping up or simply struggling for pace (might happen on occasion, but I think they generally have the beating of the rest).



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