Nice closed cockpit F1 pic

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    That doesn’t actually look too bad, especially as it hasn’t got a hideous stepped nose!



    Doesn’t look like that driver will be able to see anything through those mirrors though haha…



    That looks awful and how would drivers get out in under 5 seconds like they have to now?

    The best solution is still a simple streamlined dome over the current cockpits, hinged to lift over the roll hoop or to move forward over the nose of the car.


    Master firelee

    Does anyone think that if they did have the same style cockpits as in that picture, if it had a crack through it and the driver was for example in first at the point it cracked, would it become a hazard of sorts and the driver would get black flagged and have to retire, or would you think that they could do a quick cockpit change like a front wing for example?



    I would’ve thought plastic would be the material of choice for the windows so it shouldn’t break too easily, that’s if it breaks at all? I remember in a BTCC race at Oulton Park this year, Adam Morgan’s windscreen blew out and bounced across the track in one piece.



    Hinges or sliding, experience with forced landings of aircraft clearly shows that once some deformation takes place, the pilot/driver gets trapped easily. So these canopies would have to include explosive charges for blowning off quickly in times of need.
    Now on not so serious note, if we go this way, let’s also install 0-0 ejection seats. Parachutes could be made in team colors.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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