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    Martin Brundle said that the Valencia GP was the first race with 24 finishers, which is an impressive feat.

    Even more than that, I don’t recall seeing a single yellow flag incident in the entire race. Surely that’s a first for a Grand Prix too. Any stats freaks able to verify this?



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    I do remember seeing cars going offroad – Maldonado definitely rejoined the track at one point from what Brundle described jokingly as ‘another circuit’. A yellow flag would have been deployed for that – although it was brief, so might not have been obvious.


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    Maybe Schumi’s broken wing too?


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    Ned Flanders


    When I saw the title I feared this thread was going to be advocating the end of yellow flags!… And no, I don’t recall the lap counter turning yellow at any point, although Maldonado’s exploits probably did cause a brief caution


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    I can recall Spa 2007 being very clean race too. Few retirements yes, but about everyone pulled into the pits.

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