Onboard videos of GP2 and F3000 cars on hillclimbs

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    3:13 into the second clip: that’s just sick !!!


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    Wow that is so awesome! When drivers such as Raikkonen and Kubica go rallying and crash all the time, to me that is because they always want to drive on the limit. But that is just not possible in rallying, though these guys come pretty close!


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    The second one was incredible, and absolutely terrifying. Thank God that track and car safety has improved since the 60s, I don’t think I could watch races where I feared for a driver’s life at every moment.


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    Keith Collantine



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    @keithcollantine I thought racing cars was banned in Switzerland after the 1955 Le Mans disaster.


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    I guess this isn’t a race?


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    Dear mother of god that second one almost scared me to death. I was constantly thinking don’t hit those white rocks, don’t hit those white rocks!

    I don’t think a modern day F1 car wouldn’t survive that, not even an old one for that mather!


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    Were those white rocks actually bollards which had been wrapped up?


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    There we go – that looks terrifying.


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    Fer no.65


    Dayum, these fellas can drive !


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    St Ursanne is one of the most famous Hillclimbs in Europe, and brings in some of the fastest cars/drivers in the world. The best thing about these races is that ‘bring whatever you got and race it’ mentality. Anything from historic F1 cars, to racing trucks, to go karts, just about anything on 4 wheels (and sometimes not) can race.

    Here is an insane video from one of the best Channels on Youtube. If you like this stuff, you have to look at his videos. Luckily there is an abundance of hillclimb videos, and you can never get bored watching (and hearing) these cars.


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    Yes, yes, yes, emphatic yes!!!
    @victor Thanks so much for putting those up.
    The sense of speed on rally courses and hillclimbs and is terrifying. In F1 on the TilkeDromes and using all the up close cameras, you lose the sense of speed.

    My favorite bit of the second one with the F3000 is towards the end of the climb 5:35, left turn, massive cross up, over the finish line, and the GEAR SHIFT COMES OFF IN HIS HAND! ahhahhahah. He holds it up :)
    6:40 is jaw dropping as well.
    Anybody know what kind of powerplant in that Mugen?

    Haven’t even got to the other vids yet!

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