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Old teams and where are they now?

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    I was looking back at some of the teams that competed in F1 and was wondering what hppened to them. So here is what I came up with:



    Stewart->Jaguar->Red Bull


    Minardi->Torro Rosso



    If you think I missed anything in the above “lineage” please feel free to add or extend. I guess my next question is aside from the obvious of selling their teams, what ever happened to Stewart, Tyrrell, Minardi, Jordan, Benetton? Do they work with any of the current teams? Do they race in other circuits?

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    Sir Jackie Stewart used to work for Jaguar in acquiring sponsorship, but he quit (probably because he couldn’t bear seeing his team being destroyed). He used to work for RBS as part of the Williams sponsorship, but I’m not sure what’ll happen now that deal has run out.

    Ken Tyrrell is sadly no longer with us.

    Eddie Jordan can be found on the BBC as an F1 pundit.

    No idea what Minardi and Benetton are doing.

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    Here is some shorter history of teams on the grid today:


    Campos Meta->HRT

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    Minardi formed a GP2 team in conjuction with Piquet Sports, they later went into ChampCar and IndyCar. They are no more, although Paul Stoddard still has the name. Campos Meta were a team from GP2, they turned into Barwa Addax. But yes, Campos are now Hispania. Manor still exist in junior fomulae.

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    Toyota started a team from scratch in 2002, and left in 2009.

    -> Toyota -> Withdrew

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    You fogot Simtek racing team they stayed around for 1 1/2 seasons

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    Ok Toyota I’ll take, but there was no history… they came and then left. Simtek on the other hand didn’t last long and didn’t register anything on the F1 radar.

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    Stephen Jones

    Ferrari > Ferrari

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    Prisoner Monkeys


    Manor is still Manor. Virgin did not buy the team, just the naming rights as title sponsor.

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    Some obscure ones, thanks to wikipedia

    Frank Williams Racing Cars -> Wolf

    March -> Leyton House -> March

    Osella -> Fondmetal

    Toleman -> Benetton

    Sauber -> BMW Sauber -> Sauber

    Coloni -> Andrea Moda

    Most of these teams have faded into F1 oblivion.

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    Coloni are now in GP2 under the name Scuderia Coloni. I think they’re in Auto GP now. Scuderia Italia were in GT races last time I checked, while many other small f1 teams could be found in superleague, such as Zakspeed.

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    Tom L.

    What’s “Super” Aguri Suzuki doing these days?

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    I’m sure Super Aguri had something to do with Brabham, I think the situation was like Lotus. Either way I guess nothing materialised.

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    I know this one aswell, Super Epic Mega Hyper Aguri are now back in Japan. Well, Suzuki is anyway, he runs a Formula Nippon team and I think he runs a Super GT one aswell. The ‘Super’ part has gone from the name though as its now named ARTA(Autobacs Racing Team Aguri). Apparently he ran in IndyCar aswell.

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    Stephen Jones

    yep, ARTA’s been around since 1998? or something. Suzuki’s gone back there

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