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Old Webber and Button confrontation?

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    hi all, was just watching this video getting my juices flowing for this season and just wondered what was the cause of the push from Webber at 4:30?

    Hope link works currently on a mobile
    That’s why i love formula one is the name of the video if you search for it.

    Avatar of mclaren

    Ha, just saw the “push”; i’m pretty sure it was just Mark messing around, various drivers annoy others during their media interviews, Vettel always intruded Schumi’s interviews; so it was just a friendly push not a Hamilton-Massa esc push at singaore 2011!

    Avatar of Lemon

    Yeah looks like a friendly push!

    Avatar of timtoo

    Had that explanation on my mind as thought it would have been reported if it was more serious thanks chaps!

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    From what I’ve read around, JB and Webber are friends, so he’s probably just screwing with him.

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    Yeh nothing in that, just taking the p*ss. It was actually a good edit as we missed the smiles that were to follow.

    Webber can be a strange chap when he has his ‘game face’ on- when he doesnt a great Aussie humour floats to the surface!

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    Matt Clark

    Awesome vid too, thanks ;)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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