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    I should’ve never read it, can’t stand the fact I don’t even know what those three connect…, let alone know a fourth.

    Maybe a hint is all we need @keithcollantine.


    Keith Collantine

    @xtwl OK one more hint:

    We’re talking about a record which is unlikely to be broken.


    Ben Needham

    I’m with @xtwl – this one is really bothering me!

    I feel it must be a speed record… but then there’s something about them all retiring in 1957 that must be significant!

    A tricky one @keithcollantine!



    Sam Hanks and Farina both competed in the 1957 Indy 500 as their last F1 race. Taruffi never competed in 1957 whatsoever, so I don’t know how that might relate.

    Considering the timeframe, might they be F1 drivers who served in the army and then returned to win what was labelled an F1 race after the war? Did only one other driver do so?

    Hanks and Farina definitely raced Grand Prix style races before WWII (although of course not labelled F1), did Taruffi? Who else could have done so?



    I’ll just throw out a guess and stick with the 1957 story, is the next one in the sequence Peter Walker?

    They all won one of motorsports biggest races, raced in F1 and had their last races within 2 months of each other, who @keithcollantine put in reverse chronological order:
    – Hanks raced on May 30 in the Indy 500 which he won
    – Farina didn’t qualify for the 500 (last run on May 15) and is the 1948 Monaco GP winner (plus 1950 F1 WDC)
    – Taruffi raced on May 11-12 in the Mille Miglia which he won

    So I looked for someone who might have won something big and retired earlier in May but I couldn’t find any.
    – Walker was the closest, who raced last in the non-championship round Syracuse GP on April 7, and won the 1951 24 Hours of Le Mans

    I know it’s unlikely to be correct, but this has been bugging me for days and I couldn’t find any closer connection.



    F1 drivers who scored points and fought in WW2? Next might be Carroll Shelby?



    They all three;

    1)Participated in the 1950 F1 world championship
    2)Did not finish/participate the 1950 Indy 500
    3)They all three finished races with shared drives
    4)They all scored podiums in 1952

    Fun fact I learnt, Farina finished both 2nd and 3rd in a two cars as a shared driver and got 2 podiums added to his tally.

    Hanks is the odd one out as he never participated in F1 apart from the Indy races, Taruffi then never raced at Indy. Which leads me to believe neither Indy or F1 is the link between the three.

    I give up.



    I thought I had it! They were all three the oldest winner of a GP event at their last win. But Farina went on to win others after the German GP in 1953.

    It has to do something with age!



    In case @keithcollantine is short of a new one I’d say it might be fun to guess what connects


    Hint: There’s only three years.


    Keith Collantine

    @ronanskie @peartree @xtwl @ben-n @chrischrill @hunocsi @cavman99 Great guesses everyone but I’m afraid no one got it. The sequence was:

    Sam Hanks
    Giuseppe Farina
    Piero Taruffi
    Luigi Fagioli

    And the connection is that these are the four oldest first-time race winners in the history of the championship. Fagioli was 53 years and 22 days old when he took his first win in 1951.

    As @xtwl has already suggested a new question let’s continue with that one.


    Keith Collantine

    I need to apologise to Paul as he in fact did post the correct answer but it looks like it post got eaten by the anti-spam filter. Sorry Paul!



    The 4 oldest drivers to score their first World Championship wins – Luigi Fagioli at #1.



    @xtwl we might be needing some clues or hints here =)


    Keith Collantine

    OK it seems we’ve reached a pause here so I’m going to press reset and serve up a new question.

    What comes fourth in this sequence:



    Pennyroyal tea


    It’s Senna isn’t it?

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