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    First thread! Apologies if it’s been done.

    I now have access to loads of sports channels courtesy of Virgin Media and I would like some other motorsport to follow. What do people recommend? I know Dave has WRC (highlights) but beyond that i’m a bit in the dark.


    Thanks :)


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    hmmm I really enjoy watching the American Le Mans series when its on-



    These vids show that the series is amazingly close despite the long races!

    What channels do you have?

    moto gp is also a good choice, though i know less about it


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    GT1 Championship on SkySports is always a good watch. David Croft commentates that too. Moto GP is ok, not the most entertaining but overtakes are fun to watch. I actually prefer SBK strangely enough.


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    Dan Thorn


    I really enjoyed the FIA GT1 World Championship last year. You can see all the races on http://www.gt1world.com/gt1tv but I’m not sure what channel it’s broadcast on. The BTCC on ITV4 is always a great way to spend a non-F1 sunday afternoon


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    @ Dan Thorn, forgot about the BTCC on ITV4, you’re right, I watch that when I remember its on!


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    Oh also I have found a sudden interest in RC racing, i’m not sure others would agree but I like it.



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    All good stuff. I think I just missed the end of the GT1 Championship. I’ve got Motors TV (how useful that is for keeping up to date with a series I don’t know), all Sky Sports, ESPN and Euro Sport.

    What sort of dates do these all kick off again and what channels am I likely to be able to catch them on?


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    MotoGP, and WSBK are good fun, I also quite like the Aussie V8’s which used to be on Motors TV, WTCC is pretty good fun as well.


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    Aside from F1 I like to watch GP2 for open wheel racing, it’s kinda like a farm team for the F1 and most drivers that finish in the top 3 end up going to F1.

    MotoGP and SBK are good if you are into bike racing, I like SBK but I have a bias because my company has a team in it.

    Le Mans is good if you have patience and WRC is always a lot of fun.


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    last time i checked, GT1 was on ESPN along with superleague. ESPN, eurosport and motors come free with the virgin xl package


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    Anyone interested in Dakar Rally? I liked the route of Africa the South Americans don’t feel like a Desert Rally anymore though it is challenging.


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    I’d like to suggest Moto2 instead of MotoGP. Moto2 has 40ish riders all at the same time, and the action is almost non-stop. Great fun to watch.


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    In case you missed my article last June:

    Why you should watch the Isle of Man TT…. http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2010/06/04/why-you-should-watch%E2%80%A6-isle-of-man-tt/


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    I heard that WRC was going to Channel 5 this year. Atleast rallying is back on terrestrial, even if it is on Channel CSI. Formula 3 can be found on C4, along with British GT and Formula Ford.


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    I really got into the GT1 Championship last year – I beleive this is a relatively new championship – and I can’t wait for it to start again!

    Aparantly our old freinds BMW and Toyota are entering next season – under the names Alpina-BMW and Lexus respectfully. Both companies are homologising cars (Z4 and LFA) whatever that means…

    The racing is quite close and competing cars are:

    Aston Martin DBR9

    Corvette C6.1

    Ford GT1

    Lamborghini Murcielago

    Masaratti MC12

    Nissan GT-R

    A good mix of cars of relativly equal performance.

    Also, all races, quali races are on the FIA GT1 website in the vids section – I wish F1 could do that!!

    And on race/quali/practice day there is a legal live stream on the same website.

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