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    We’re all guilty of it, it’s time to admit it and single out what gets your goat.

    Mine is “smooth driving style”.

    It’s truly astounding how many people have suddenly realised just what an incredible “smooth driving style” Jenson Button has – since the BBC started mentioning it every single race in 2009. Clearly this is entirely coincidental, and we armchair enthusiasts were well aware, from watching him race in 2008, how easy he was on his tyres.


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    ‘and from there on, I was just a passenger’

    no you were not, you still had some semblence of control potential. Just admit that you span out, rather than making excuses.


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    I’d never heard “Alonso is the most complete driver in F1” until James Allen said it in 2008. Now everyone says it (including me!).


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    Tom L.


    Icthyes – that’s probably because, 2007 aside, there was Schumacher before!


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    Ned Flanders


    I don’t think it’s the sort of cliched quote you’re looking for, but it irks me how people go on and on and on rehashing that “Fernando is faster than you” radio message into more ‘funny’ scenarios.

    The first few were funny. Then it got tedious. Now they just drive me mad


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    Not sure if it fits the topic, because it’s not a commentator or critic remark, but rather a driver thing:

    Any remark in the context of: “We lost two or three tenths [or more] in my last qualifying run in the last corner [or anywhere else] due to [insert anything]. It’s a shame really because we [had the potential to have been in/were on course for] the top 6 [Q2/Q1/etc.] of the grid.”

    Half of the field says this after every qualy. The thing is, nobody drives a perfect qualifying lap and if everybody did, the times would all shift parallel to each other and everybody would stay in more or less the same grid position.


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    “now lets see what the 7 times world champion can do” really did it for me! Got sick of hearing this after a while. The beeb should just put a note on the bottom of the screen when the chain is being played stating “when we refer to Michael Schumacher, yes we do mean the 7 time world champion” would save me shaking with annoyance.


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    Stephen Jones


    “is that glock going slowly?… IT IS, ITS GLOCK!”

    “this is crucial!”

    and also all the bbc raving about silverstone, its atmosphere, and the “amazingness of the track”.

    sure its a nice track.. a bit flat. and the crowd seem pretty into it.. but they make it seem like heaven on earth!


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    I get annoyed with McLaren, in the last couple of years now that they don’t have the fastest car, trying to find things “illegal” with other cars, first in 2008 the Ferrari engine was overpowered, then in 2009 the double diffusor, then in 2010 anything on the RBR6 was illegal active suspension, flexi wings, outboard mirrors etc. I suppose they have copped alot of flack themselves over the years so they deserve to give some back haha


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    Magnificent Geoffrey


    “We’re just concentrating on this weekend.” / “We’re taking it one race at a time.”


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    Red Andy


    When a driver says, “I couldn’t get heat into the tyres,” as if this is a phenomenon completely unrelated to his driving style.


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    I think what Hairs meant is things commentators/pundits say that then everyone repeats as if gospel only because they heard it from them. Not annoying things F1 people say.

    By the way Ned, Fernando is madder than you. And you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry


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    Dan Thorn


    Now, I like Martin Brundle, but every single year…

    “…coming up to Tabac now. Get it wrong here and you’ll end up like I did back in ’84, coming out upside down with your helmet scraping the ground. I went back to the pits and asked Ken Tyrrell ‘What track am I at and which way do I turn out of the pit garage?’ He switched my engine off and that was that’.”


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    “for sure..”


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    The word ‘special’ being used far too frequently to describe wins, ‘feelings’, the ‘atmosphere’ etc. by many people in F1, but partcularly Jake Humphrey on the BBC. I don’t think there has been a single session of coverage in the last two years in which he hasn’t said it.

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