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Pass of the Year: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    Keith Collantine

    As we did for Australia, what was the best pass of the Malaysian Grand Prix?

    Post your suggestions, nominations and videos below.

    Here’s the thread for the last race:

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    Ricciardo’s pass on the outside of turn 6..I think it was schumacher he overtook?

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    Ricciardo, Senna and Kobayashi all passed others on the outside of turn 5 which I thought were brave moves.

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    senna on round the outside od schumacher i think it was at turn 5.

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    I’d go with what @renner proposes – the pass for the lead by Alonso

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    Fer no.65

    Turn 5 overtakes were great. I think the first one they showed was Ricciardo overtaking someone round the outside, so that gets my vote!

    Profile photo of Fer no.65
    Fer no.65

    Dunno about that overtake by Alonso. Wasn’t Perez just coming out of the pits? his line was tighter and his tyres not up to temperature… he was just standing there.

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    @fer-no65 IIRC Perez defended into T1, which left him vulnerable on the exit of 1 and therefore 2.

    Agreed on @renner . Otherwise – Vettel into Turn 1 on Rosberg?

    Profile photo of cmckinleyF1

    Alonso on Webber at the restart into T1/2 was very opportunistic and nicely pulled off

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    There were a whole bunch of overtakes around the turn 5-6 section, but my favourite was Webber around Rosberg at turn 5, beautiful!

    Profile photo of Xenon2

    Kobayashi on Schumacher?

    Profile photo of Enigma

    I loved the turn 5 stuff as well, similar to Webber in China in 2009 through the similar corners (7 and 8 I think). Obviously there’s more grip off the racing line in the wet, but it was impressive how many drivers managed that.

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    @Raymondu999 Vettel’s pass on Rosberg? You mean the one where he used DRS to get past and Rosberg tucked in behind before the corner? Nothing against Seb, but that was nothing special at all. Alonso’s pass on Webber at the restart around the outside of turn 1 was better, because he actually had to muscle his way past. Button’s pass on Massa at the same corner was perhaps even better.

    There were many great moves in the race, but my favourites were the many around-the-outside-of-turn-5 overtakes and Button and Alonso’s hang-it-right-around-the-outside-of-turn-1 passes. Great stuff. I’m not sure I can pick a single favourite though, unfortunately. And there’s probably many I’ve missed!

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    Vettel overtaking Webber, then Webber taking his position back.

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