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Pass of the Year: 2013 British Grand Prix

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    Keith Collantine

    You know the score by now: at the end of the season we’ll vote for Pass of the Year so we need your nominations from this race. Add them below…

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    Lewis on Di Resta.

    Avatar of Kingshark

    Webber on Raikkonen going into Copse, that was a Mansell-esque pass.

    Avatar of Jarv F150
    Jarv F150

    >Lewis on Di Resta
    I would go for this too.

    LH was clearly taking very different lines into the corners and got the overtake done after the DRS detection but before the activation. Impressive stuff.

    Avatar of matt90

    Alonso had a great move in the opening laps, out of Woodcote into Copse. I forget who it was against (Grosjean?), but he set it up beautifully to draw alongside- very clever racing.

    Avatar of katederby

    Always like to take the opponent into consideration so Webber’s pass on Raikkonen is more impressive than going round a less experienced driver.

    Avatar of DaveF1

    Hamilton on di Resta. That was an amazing little duel, clever and fair driving from both of them.

    Avatar of Heskin Radiophonic
    Heskin Radiophonic

    A second vote for Webber on Raikkonen into Copse. That was just immense.

    Avatar of Dimitris 1395
    Dimitris 1395

    Hamilton vs Di Resta was the battle of the year so far. But as for the best pass, I’ll go with Webber on Kimi in Copse. It was extremely difficult

    Avatar of Aditya F. Yahya
    Aditya F. Yahya

    Mark vs Kimi – great move, but I’ll keep in mind that Kimi’s tyre is a decade older.
    Di Resta vs LH – battle goes on and on despite DRS zone and stuff.
    I vote for: Di Resta – LH. Entertaining and took times.

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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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