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Pass of the Year: 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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    Profile photo of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    Here we are with the latest instalment of ‘Pass of the Year’.

    Who made the best overtaking more during the Hungarian Grand Prix> Add your nominations below…

    Profile photo of James Brickles
    James Brickles

    Penalty aside, Grosjean’s move on Massa was incredible.

    If we’re not allowing good overtakes that were penalised, then Hamilton’s second move on Webber coming out of turn 2 just after his final pit stop.

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    Absolutely fuming that I missed this race, because from what I heard it was very good, at least for Hungaroring standards.

    With that being said, I saw Lewis’ overtake on Mark coming out of the pits on YouTube, and it was phenomenal.

    Profile photo of Adam Blocker
    Adam Blocker

    Grosjean on Massa, despite it being ‘illegal’.

    Profile photo of ferrox glideh
    ferrox glideh

    Grosjean passing Massa on the outside of the blind fourth corner was the pass of the year so far. I don’t think Massa was exactly expecting it there, and both drivers displayed incredible skill. Ballsy stuff! Obviously I disagree with the stewards decision, but that’s racing. The block of the race was Kimi on Vettel.

    Profile photo of the_sigman

    Since Grosjean’s move on Massa was illegal, I go for the two passes Hamilton did on Wbber in corners 2-3. Intelligent passes!

    Profile photo of Tomsk

    I’m going for the first of Hamilton’s two passes, the one where Webber got boxed in behind Alonso.

    Although Alonso’s tyres were finished, they were both racing against him as well. The second one was a guy being lapped, Hulkenberg I think, but it was amusing to watch Webber getting done the same way again like an Aussie batsman.

    Profile photo of Mallesh Magdum
    Mallesh Magdum

    Grosjean on Massa

    Profile photo of Pete

    Grosjean on Massa!

    Profile photo of infernojim

    Grosjean on Massa. They need to sort out the penalties. That was ridiculous.

    In terms of “legal” passes- both Hamilton on Webber passes were great too.

    Profile photo of JackySteeg

    Grosjean on Massa took my breath away, but sadly it was too good to be true.

    So, like most others, I shall shift my vote to Hamilton’s second pass on Webber.

    Profile photo of Spinmastermic

    Grosjean on Massa, he went the long way around and came out first.

    Profile photo of Todfod

    Grosjean on Button :P

    On a serious note, looking at all the legal overtakes, I thought Hamilton on Webber was great and so was Alonso on Rosberg on lap 1

    Profile photo of Phil

    I missed the race, but grosjeans move was phenomenal!
    Is there anywhere I can watch the race online?

    Profile photo of Noah

    Grosjean on Massa, dontcare about penalty

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