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Pass of the Year: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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    Keith Collantine

    The third race of the season should have given us plenty of options for nominations for Pass of the Year!

    As usual, name what you thought was the best pass of the race. Those with the most nominations will go into the Pass of the Year poll at the end of the season.

    Here are the previous threads for this year which are still open for nominations:

    Profile photo of Little_M_Lo

    Ricciardo on Raikkonen at T4, round the outside for mine

    Profile photo of Adam Blocker
    Adam Blocker

    Hamilton on Rosberg at T5 on the lap before Hamilton pitted (19ish?)

    Profile photo of Spencer White
    Spencer White

    Perez on Massa, Ricciardo on Raikkonen and Massa at the start.

    Profile photo of Deej92

    Ricciardo on Raikkonen at turn 4.

    Profile photo of frood19

    hamilton’s cut-back on rosberg at turn 4 after it looked like nico had finally got ahead. hamilton’s defence was simply outstanding – can that be nominated (even though it’s not a pass)?

    Profile photo of Jake

    I agree. Can we nominate Hamiltons 5 laps of defensive master class as pass of the race/year?

    Profile photo of Theo Parkinson
    Theo Parkinson

    Hamilton’s defense. Probably his cut back into turn 4 I believe on lap 19.

    Profile photo of Cyclops_PL

    As I recall one time there was Kubica’s string of passes in Singapore nominated so I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t nominate Hamilton vs Rosberg

    Profile photo of hunocsi

    Hamilton on Rosberg on lap 19 (turn 4/5)

    Profile photo of hunocsi

    Sorry for being a bit off-topic, but I have to share this with you as the Mercedes fight reminded me: you know what the funniest/weirdest thing for me in that battle? As the match for the other cars started to heat up after the pit stops the Hungarian commentator probably didn’t look at the timing screens for a while, and said “I have to disappoint the Mercedes fans because we might not see the team’s cars throughout the race”, and exactly at the end of that sentence the director cut to the onboard camera of Rosberg going side by side with Hamilton.

    He made another big mistake that weekend when he started the qualifying with the question “Who will be the best behind Hamilton?”. And yet he’s still better than other commentators of recent years, but he should think through what he says more.

    Profile photo of dragoll

    MAL’s pass on GUT was memorable ;)

    Profile photo of Hamilfan

    Hamilton’s pass on Rosberg just before the pits

    Profile photo of David Not Coulthard
    David Not Coulthard

    Lewis’ last overtake wasn’t too bad….

    Profile photo of Wil-Liam

    Hamilton on Rosberg at T5 on the lap before Hamilton pitted (19ish?)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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