Pass of the Year: 2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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    Keith Collantine
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    Ricciardo’s move on Perez was very risky at T1, but held it together and also proved the decisive move which won him the race as he rompt pust Rosberg well before the final chicane on Lap 68

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    Massa on Perez :D

    Seriously, Ricciardo on Perez was amazing!!

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    @sigman1998 i reckon we can call it a “pass” as Massa stopped further than Perez (technically)

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    Keith Campbell

    Overtake of the race for me was Rosberg on the chicane – the boy is different class ;)

    Seriously though, think it has to be Ricciardo on Perez, really had to brave it round the outside there. Also looked like when he got back onto the racing line Perez backed up and Vettel hit the back of him, but haven’t seen any mention of it, and there didn’t seem any damage anyway (have seen wings fall off for as much though)


    Ricciardo on Perez taking the outside line. Wowww!!!

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    Quite possibly Button taking both Alonso and Hulkenberg in one move. Of course, there doesn’t seem to be any vision of this, so can’t be sure!

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    Ricciardo on Perez at T1.

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    It was easy to miss with the Chilton/Bianchi crash going on at the same time, but Räikkönen made a pretty great move on the outside of Button at turn 4.

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    Yeah Raikkonen’s pass was pretty good, but it was amidst the start of a race… in normal 1-on-1 conditions, I don’t think he could have done it.

    Dan’s was 1-on-1 race conditions, and brilliant. One or two kph more and he’d have been in the T2 outside wall courtesy of the grass!

    I haven’t seen Buttons pass, but I have to go on what I’ve seen, and Dan’s gets my vote.

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    Eric Ok

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/nCUxCk][img]https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2936/14201138199_53e1c7f3a3_n.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/nCUxCk]Massa Perez Crash 2014 Canadian Grand Prix 9[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/people//]ericok[/url], on Flickr

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    Nic Morley

    Ricciardo on Perez at turn 1.

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    @tdog BBC showed an onboard, it was very similar to Massa going past Bottas & Hülkenberg.

    Vettel had a very similar try on Hülkenberg into the hairpin and he overshot it as well… Weird that all ALO VET and BOT tried the same and screwed up the same way.

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    Perez was resetting his braking whatever system. Ricciardo made a nice move but it was only against a hampered Perez. I can’t really remember any overtake worth a special mention.

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    Massa on Alonso. Basically the same move as Dan on Perez.

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