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    I see that neither Keith nor Raymondu have started a thread yet.

    What do you think was the best overtake of the 2012 Canadian GP? For me DRS was quite an annoyance because not only did it take away some great battles, but this is a circuit where it’s totally unnecessary and passes can be made without it.

    So what was the best pass today? My favourite was Rosberg on Massa under the tunnel, going into turn 8. The fact that it was done without DRS itself makes it a winner. Nonetheless, it was a nice move and you don’t see a lot of overtaking around there.



    Rosberg on (I think) Kimi into the chicane. DRS actually worked in setting it up but Rosberg still pulled it off beautifully himself, if I remember correctly.



    @kingshark cheers mate – thanks for that. My personal favorite was Perez on Rosberg (the one when he used Massa to make it happen)

    I also liked Vettel on Alonso, Hamilton on Alonso (into the hairpin, not the first pass), and Schumacher on Kobayashi.



    Without DRS zone (and detection point) we might have seen some overtaking into the hairpin, but with the DP right at the exit of the hairpin nobody wanted to be out of the hairpin first.


    Keith Collantine

    Schumacher’s pass on Kobayashi at the hairpin (which was immediately reversed in the DRS zone).

    Perez’s opportunistic pass on Rosberg was fun too.



    @keithcollantine yes the Perez on Rosberg one was fun! Karma I say :P (in case you’re wondering what I’m on about – in 2009 Monaco, Massa was trying to overtake Vettel. He overcooked braking into the nouvelle, and so had to concede the place back to the rear-tyre-struggling Vettel. Rosberg just tagged along behind Vettel and hitched a free place)



    Pérez on Rosberg with Massa caught in the middle. Perhaps not the most technically difficult pass of the race, but as has been mentioned twice already, it was good fun. It certainly stuck in my memory more than any other pass.



    Could anyone show a video of Schumi’s pass on Kobi? I think I missed it during an interference from my dog.


    Force Maikel

    1. schumachers bonzai on Kobayashi was nice, especially since that is kobayashi’s specialty.
    2. Perez overtaking Alonso, only because it was payback for Malaysia, DRS ruined the moment.



    There weren’t many decent passes, but Schumacher on Kobayashi was a good pass.



    @Force Maikel – is it not a “banzai”? A bonzai (bonsai) is a small tree…. ;-)



    Only 1 or 2 overtakes in the race that I can remember, with the rest being DRS passes. I think Perez did a great job to avoid crashing into the back of Massa or Rosberg and then held his line to complete a decent overtake around the outside into turn 1. So Perez gets my vote.


    Keith Collantine

    Thanks for contributing, everyone. The shortlist will now be drawn up and the ten most popular suggestions from the year put to a vote.

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