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Pastor Maldonado in F1 next season

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    I’ve been following Pastor Maldonado in GP2 and he has been very dominant this season, he won today his 5th race and he looks solid for the championship. I want to know what do you think about Pastor, does he has what it takes?

    Profile photo of Tom L.
    Tom L.

    I’ve been very impressed by him this season, he’s progressed a lot after showing flashes of great potential but inconsistency in previous years. I’d certainly like to see him get an F1 chance.

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    Felipe Bomeny

    He certainly has the championship in the bag, I suppose it’s because he spent many years in GP2, yet he is still a brilliant driver. He has backing from Hugo Chavez,who is putting a lot of cash on him, so Pastor might go to Sauber, HRT, or Epsilon Euskadi if they get the slot.

    Profile photo of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    Maldonado strikes me as a little erratic. He’s kind of like a young Felipe Massa: accident-prone, though he has started to come good. The main barrier to his entry is the fact that the top three drivers from last year’s GP2 season – Hulkenberg, Petrov and di Grassi – have all been promoted to the main game, so it’s a little difficult to judge how well Maldonado might do. That said, I could see him replacing Pedro de la Rosa at Sauber, Lucas di Grassi at Virgin or taking a seat at the thirteenth team.

    I’ve also heard that Hugo Chavez wants a Venezuelan Grand Prix – inspired in part by Maldonado’s successes – to be held on the Isla Margarita. If Maldonado steps up, we may well find ourselves with another South American race, even if Russia is Bernie’s priority right now.

    Profile photo of Journeyer

    Socialist Hugo Chavez keen to participate in Capitalist F1 is quite the paradox.

    Profile photo of wasiF1

    I wouldn’t be surprise.All GP3 champions but one have made their way in F1.

    Profile photo of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    Um, that’s funny since GP3 only starte this year … I’m assuming you meant GP2. And Giorgio Pantano has indeed been in Formula 1 before – he raced for Jordan before being dropped. It was only then that he went on to claim the GP2 title.

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    I rate Maldonado but I’m afraid he’s too old to come into F1.

    He might get a job as a reserve/test driver.

    Profile photo of Bleu

    Maldonado was born a year later than Petrov, Chandhok and di Grassi (would be same age as those at the beginning of the season if he was to make a debut next year) so I wouldn’t consider him being too old.

    But I’m not sure how many teams would sign him. Of course has some backing with PDVSA which should help him.

    Profile photo of luigismen

    I think he has a pretty good chance of being signed… Sauber will surely drop de la Rosa at the end of the year, so I’m thinking that is his best chance, that and the fact that Sauber need sponsors and PDVSA would be nice for them

    Profile photo of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    The stars are aligning – backing from the Venezuelan government and he’s been good in GP2 this year, better than I expected after getting his backside handed to him by Nico Hlkenberg at ART last year.

    Yes, Perez has been a bit unlucky but I don’t think you can argue Maldonado deserves to be anywhere other than leading the championship. Failing to pit after getting the black-and-orange flag last weekend was silly, though, and begging for a more serious penalty, though he seems to have got away with it.

    Profile photo of Tom L.
    Tom L.

    No, I didn’t understand that one either, Keith. I presume there must have been some kind of communication issue, ’cause he must have known that any result he might have achieved through carrying on in a damaged car might have been taken away from him…

    Profile photo of GeorgeDaviesF1

    Knowing what we know now about him back then…

    Profile photo of Rodney

    Didn’t Maldonado take five full seasons in GP2 to win the championship? Any driver who has to spend more than three years in GP2 without winning the title can’t really be considered superstar material.

    Profile photo of David Not Coulthard
    David Not Coulthard

    Ah, a 4-year-old time capsule!

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