Pay to stream F1 online?

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    Hello all.

    I’ve just moved to South Korea. Korean TV does not show F1 live (as far as I know). At least not terrestrial.

    Apart from the iffy and non-English justin.tv, are there any pay-per-stream live F1 websites on the internet? Does Eurosport or anything like that show F1 for a subscription? I could probably download the race a few hours after it happens, but I’d rather watch it live, especially with the timezone differences (F1 will be on around 10pm on Sunday evenings…..perfect!).

    Many thanks,




    there are also some free streaming websites, some of them are also reported during the live blog on F1F. Quality isn’t excellent but at least sudden black-outs of the stream rarely happen (for what concerns my experience).


    No, there isn’t I’m afraid. This is one of the most stupid things about this sport.

    Like matt88 said, your best bet is to follow the live blogs where people like myself post any decent streams that we find.


    sbl on tour

    crikey almighty, magnificient geoffrey, this must be the best user name yet, much better than ned flanders or sbl on tour for that matter



    Oh how silly! Not even in the f1.com website? How frustrating. I may just wait for the bit torrent of the BBC feed then, and watch it on Monday mornings. I hate the idea of blackouts. Thanks all :)



    If f1.com streamed live gps, i think that national broadcasters would riot against Bernie…



    BBC site does it all live… but you have to be from within UK… or prentend that you are. (meaning use a UK proxy server)



    @solidg how can that be done? I’ve tried many different things and I’ve only watched one race live on BBC :(



    If You can buy a VPN connection and get a server in UK, then with a bandwidth of 5-6MB/s, You can see the races on BBC online realtime or You can download them after the event. The quality is as good as You can get on the TV, if Your bandwidth is large enough. But beware, You will exceed 10 Gbit of data download a month, if You watch both the qualifying and the races, so get an internet connection with flat rate.

    I live in Denmark and use a Strong VPN (www.strongvpn.com/)to watch the races, except this coming weekend – I’ll be present at the track in Spa;-)

    Strongvpn has a very good support to guide You through the setup with chat support etc. It is working very well, but be sure to get the right type of solution – ask their support.


    Lord Stig

    @ Palle

    Interesting service but with SPEED available and also the patchy streaming I will stay without BBC streaming via services such as Strong VPN.

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