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Penalties/Stewarding in Montreal and 2010

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    Things have changed a lot this year with things being far more leniant. I know there was an article not so long ago but there have been so many incidents this week I just wodner if any of you would have given penalties? Also additional thoughts on the stewarding if you want.

    I would have certainly done something about Kubica cutting in front of Sutil and possibly with Michael on Felipe. I have to admit I haven’t been that calm today as many on the live blog can testify so perhaps I’m biased today!

    Avatar of Ratboy

    I think Kubica will get a fine and reprimand

    Nothing will happen to Schumacher or just another slap on the wrist.

    and both Felipe and Liuzi will be reprimanded for there first corner touch fest.

    The whole grid may be told to calm down too at Valencia there was a lot of incidents today, with dodgy backmarkers and dangerous moves

    Avatar of Mark Hitchcock
    Mark Hitchcock

    I like all the reprimands rather than penalties recently but today Kubica needed more than a reprimand, and Schumi needed at least a reprimand for his many poor moves.

    Avatar of Scribe

    Schumacher was fairly out of control on track today, he should suffer a grid drop for the chop on Massa at least, otherwise the chicane cutting an general lack of sportsman like condcut got quite frustrating, he really started to annoy me.

    An Hulkenburg as well! He was all over the place, mooving chicane today, an that was some definate weaving up the back straight, surley he can’t be allowed to get away with all that.

    Avatar of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    otherwise the chicane cutting an general lack of sportsman like condcut got quite frustrating, he really started to annoy me.

    I got the distinct impression that Schumacher was cutting the chicane because his tyres were so bad that he couldn’t mae the turn. With each passing lap, he’d extend the braking zone out a little more, only to find that it still wasn’t enough because the tyres have been cannibalised further over the course of the lap, leaving him with no choice but to cut the chicane again.

    Avatar of Scribe

    Point well made by I think it stands, while Schuey was indeed on complely wrecked tyres he was still overly agressive in his deffensive driving.

    I wonder what Massa will be thinking.

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