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Petrov flipped the bird at Hulkenberg in Brazil

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    Hah, brilliant. Like me on the motorway.

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    lol haven´t seem this before…

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    That Murray Walker moment always makes me laugh.

    Seems no-one saw this happen in real time, I wonder what Petrov was so upset about…

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    @keithcollantine @celeste @lin1876

    That was during qualifying, it was clear to be seen on the regular FOM feed. In fact I’m surprised to have seen that quite a few people (not just here) missed it. What happened was fairly innocuous, Hulkenberg just got in the way of Petrov a bit.

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    Ι understand the pressure and andedralin these drivers have when driving, but where is the respect between them?

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    We’ve seen drivers do that before (DC on Schumi in France springs immediately to mind), but I’ve only ever seen it in-cockpit, and I don’t think as blatant as that! Haha!

    I am torn however – I feel that the picture almost looks like a very clever photoshop image. I may well be wrong, and I hope I am!

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    They are human after all! Barry Sheenes two fingers to Kenny Roberts is I think the best hand gesture ever in any motorsports.

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    Keith Collantine

    @ed24f1 I’ve just watched Q1 again and I didn’t notice it, was it definitely then?

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    Common Monsoon

    Yeah, everyone was joking about it when it happened so I assume everyone knew! I too thought it was in Q1. May have been FP3, however. Things were getting pretty hectic towards the end of the session if I recall correctly.

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    Yes, you might be right – perhaps it was FP3 actually. But it was definitely on Saturday, not in the race. I didn’t watch the Friday sessions so it wasn’t then.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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