Pirellis making races better?

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    According to Paul Hembery, the new tyres are improving the racing, and for some people they’re getting new fans to F1.

    Well………no. I spoke to somebody who watches MotoGP a few days ago and he said that it’s too difficult to overtake in F1 (he said that in 2013!). He said, rightfully, that it’s easier to do so in MotoGP.

    So the new tyres doesn’t seem to attract new fans, but deprive old long-time fans of what they perceive as GP racing, by confusing them with things. And in a period of a few years I think we only need 1 Sepang ’09. And Monaco 1970 only comes once in every 41 years from what I can see, and not with the current Pirellis.

    I may be wrong, though, and if I am, please enter your corrections.

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