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    In the predictions contest is the “pole sitter” the person with the fastest time in Q3 or the person on the pole at race start? This is obviously being asked in light of Hamilton’s penalty in Austria. If Hamilton has the fastest time in Q3 but starts P6, is he considered the “pole sitter” for the contest?

    I looked at the contest rules but could not find an answer.


    Keith Collantine


    Thanks, Keith. Given the outcome of quali, the question is moot. For what it’s worth, I think the term “pole sitter” standing alone is ambiguous especially because the FIA’s post-race procedures seem to treat the fastest driver in Q3 as the “pole sitter” — e.g., the car is parked in the P1 position and the driver is interviewed. Technically, I think one also could say Hamilton’s penalty does not kick in until the FIA publishes the official grid showing the penalty such that, if he had been fastest, he would have been the formal “pole sitter” until that moment.

    That’s not meant as a complaint, just giving some feedback. The predictions contest is good fun.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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