predict 2014 championship result

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    Spencer White

    I just wanted to know what everyone thinks will happen in 2014 so i thought that I would set this up.

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    Spencer White

    Here’s my go!
    Drivers championship
    1.Alonso-235 points
    2.Rosberg-228 points
    3.Raikkonen-208 points
    4.Vettel-182 points
    5.Hamilton-159 points
    6.Button-125 points
    7.Ricciardo-119 points
    8.Grosjean-113 points
    9.Hulkenberg-97 points
    10.Magnussen-93 points
    11.Maldonado-73 points
    12.Perez-71 points
    13.Sutil-52 points
    14.Massa-38 points
    15.Gutierrez-26 points
    16.Vergne-21 points
    17.Bottas-17 points
    18.Kvyat-11 points
    19.Bianchi-3 points
    20.Kobayashi-1 point
    21.Chilton-0 points
    22.Ericsson-0 points
    Constructors Championship-I added it up correctly!(I think)
    1.Ferrari-443 points
    2.Mercedes-387 points
    3.Red Bull-301 points
    4.Mclaren-218 points
    5.Lotus-186 points
    6.Force India-168 points
    7.Sauber-78 points
    8.Williams-55 points
    9.Toro Rosso-32 points
    10.Marussia-3 points
    11.Caterham-1 point

    This is probably impossible ,points are totally random and most of it is unrealistic but it’s great fun!

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    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Why do you think Rosberg will so comprehensively beat Hamilton?

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    Lewis to have another 2011-style meltdown, maybe? ;-)

    World Drivers Championship;

    1. F Alonso
    2. L Hamilton
    3. N Rosberg
    4. K Raikkonen
    5. S Vettel
    6. K Magnussen
    7. J Button
    8. V Bottas
    9. D Ricciardo
    10. N Hulkenberg
    11. F Massa
    12. S Perez

    World Constructors Championship;
    1. Mercedes-Benz
    2. Scuderia Ferrari
    3. McLaren-Mercedes
    4. Red Bull Renault
    5. Williams Mercedes
    6. Force India Mercedes
    7. Sauber Ferrari
    8. Lotus Renault
    9. STR Renault
    10. Marussia Ferrari
    11. Caterham Renault

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    1. Hamilton
    2. Alonso
    3. Rosberg
    4. Vettel
    5. Magnussen
    6. Raikkonen
    7. Button
    8. Hulkenberg
    9. Ricciardo
    10. Massa
    11. Grosjean
    12. Perez
    13. Bottas
    14. Maldonado
    15. Sutil
    16. Kvyat
    17. Gutierrez
    18. Vergne
    19. Bianchi
    20. Ericsson
    21. Kobayashi
    22. Chilton

    1. Mercedes
    2. Ferrari
    3. McLaren-Mercedes
    4. RBR-Renault
    5. Force India-Mercedes
    6. Williams-Mercedes
    7. Lotus-Renault
    8. Sauber-Ferrari
    9. STR-Renault
    10. Marussia-Ferrari
    11. Caterham-Renault

    Profile photo of Spencer White
    Spencer White

    Reply to @Juan Pablo Heidfeld
    My idea was quite random.I think Rosberg will beat Lewis, but not by that much (here I admit to a mistake) unless,@Kingshark, you’re right and Lewis has a meltdown!

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    Max Jacobson

    I’m just going to do a top 10 and 5 respectively:

    1 – Hamilton (finally, someone else!)
    2 – Rosberg
    3 – Vettel
    4 – Alonso
    5 – Button
    6 – Räikkönen
    7 – Ricciardo
    8 – Magnussen
    9 – Hülkenberg
    10 – Grosjean

    1 – Mercedes
    2 – Ferrari
    3 – Red Bull
    4 – McLaren
    5 – Force India

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    Theo Parkinson

    1.Hamilton 237
    2.Alonso 181
    3.Rosberg 180
    4.Button 160
    5.Raikkonen 153
    6.Vettel 149
    7.Magnussen 113
    8.Ricciardo 99
    9.Hulkeneberg 87
    10.Massa 72
    11.Perez 71
    12.Grosjean 49
    13.Bottas 38
    14.Maldonado 37
    15.Sutil 22
    16.Guttierez 18
    17.Vergne 12
    18.Kyat 6
    19.Bianchi 5
    20.Chilton 1
    21.Kobayashi 0
    22.Ericcson 0
    Championship goes to the final round between Rosberg and Hamilton. Hamilton leads Rosberg in the race but a gearbox failure on Rosberg’s car puts him out making the championship not look as close.

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    1. Rosberg
    2. Alonso
    3. Vettel
    4. Hamilton
    5. Ricciardo
    6. Räikkönen
    7. Magnussen
    8. Button
    9. Hulkenberg
    10. Bottas

    1. Mercedes
    2. Red Bull
    3. Ferrari
    4. McLaren
    5. Williams

    Red Bull starts on the back foot but nearly rakes everything back in again late in the season.

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    I hope for Fernando to take it… but I’m guessing Ferrari will maintain their consistent form and make the 3rd fastest car of the season again. I’m predicting a Merc vs Mclaren battle at the front, with Merc benefiting the most from the double points race

    1) Hamilton – 243
    2) Rosberg – 211
    3) Magnussen – 184
    4) Alonso – 177
    5) Button – 165
    6) Vettel – 146
    7) Raikkonen – 145
    8) Grosjean – 101
    9) Ricciardo – 96
    10) Bottas – 77
    11) Hulkenberg – 76
    12) Maldonado – 59
    13) Perez – 45
    14) Massa – 42
    15) Kyvat – 16
    16) Vergne – 10
    17) Sutil – 10
    18) Guttierez – 8
    19) Kobayashi – 2
    20) Bianchi – 1
    21) Chilton – 0
    22) Ericcson – 0

    Points are a shot in the dark, obviously :)

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    1. Rosberg
    2. Hamilton
    3. Magnussen
    4. Alonso
    5. Vettel
    6. Räikkönen
    7. Button
    8. Ricciardo
    9. Hulkenberg
    10. Bottas


    1. Mercedes
    2. Ferrari
    3. Mclaren
    4. Red Bull
    5. Force India
    6. Williams
    7. Lotus
    8. Sauber
    9. Toro Rosso
    10. Marussia
    11. Caterham

    Profile photo of Spencer White
    Spencer White

    A more realistic idea for having Rosberg beat Hamilton so comprehensively.
    idea 1:Lewis retires in last 2 races and Rosberg wins double points race
    idea 2:Lewis struggles with tyre and fuel conservation
    idea 3:Lewis has meltdown
    idea 4:I made a mistake

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    Spencer White

    Having seen the first test (very little help for these predictions)
    I shall re-do mine.

    Drivers championship
    1.Rosberg-232 points
    2.Alonso-219 points
    3.Vettel-213 points
    4.Hamilton-209 points
    5.Raikkonen-186 points
    6.Button-159 points
    7.Ricciardo-136 points
    8.Magnussen-112 points
    9.Grosjean-98 points
    10.Hulkenberg-79 points
    11.Maldonado-65 points
    12.Perez-59 points
    13.Massa-43 points
    14.Sutil-41 points
    15.Gutierrez-34 points
    16.Bottas-26 points
    17.Vergne-24 points
    18.Kvyat-13 points
    19.Bianchi-9 points
    20.Chilton-3 points
    21.Kobayashi-2 points
    22.Ericsson-1 point
    The championship was alot closer than I made it look, it went right down to the wire between Rosberg, Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton.Nico benefitted with a win at Abu Dhabi giving him the necessary amount of points to win it.A retirement at Interlagos and a 9th at Yas Marina lost Lewis the title.

    Constructors Championship
    3.Red Bull-349
    6.Force India-138
    9.Toro Rosso-37
    The constructors was close for a while but Mercedes eventually came out on top.Ferrari and RB each had their turn at the front during the season but Mercedes did have more pace than the others.Mclaren were in the running for a while but the superior pace of Merc, Ferrari and RB pushed them down to 4th.

    Profile photo of Spencer White
    Spencer White

    I shall do again at (for the third time!) after the Bahrain test and then again after Melbourne.I doubt it will change that much though
    and I’m sticking with Rosberg and Merc for the title and I still think Marussia will beat Caterham.

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    Theo Parkinson

    I want to redo my prediction: Initially Raikkonen adapts extremely well to the new cars and would have one the first 5 races if not for reliability issues. Meanwhile drivers like Alonso and Hamilton struggle and gain serious pressure from their teammates. Back to back retirements from Rosberg lifts Hamilton’s pressure and he dominates the mid season closing up to Raikkonen. This when Alonso begins to find his form but Ferrari forces him to support Raikkonen’s title bid. He disagrees and shows that he is still capable with an incredible victory in Japan. Red Bull goes from slow and unreliable, to fast and un-reliable, to just plain and simple fast. They dominate the rest of the season making it harder for title contenders Button, Alonso and Hamilton to catch up. A first lap collision from Raikkonen almost hands Alonso the title but he retires later that race. Magnussen and Rosberg leap frog him in the standings and a 1-2 from Mercedes gives the the constructors.

    1) Raikkonen 268
    2) Hamilton 258
    3) Button 255
    4) Rosberg 255
    5) Magnussen 241
    6) Alonso 238
    7) Vettel 170
    8) Hulkenberg 125
    9) Ricciardo 115
    10) Massa 114
    11) Bottas 98
    12) Perez 97
    13) Grosjean 60
    14) Maldonado 34
    15) Sutil 16
    16) Guttierez 7
    17) Vergne 4
    18) Kyat 2
    19) Bianchi 2
    20) Kobayashi 0
    21) Chilton 0
    22) Ericcson 0

    Australia: Pole: Button Race: Button
    Malaysia: Pole: Hamilton Race: Raikkonen
    Bahrain: Pole: Hamilton Race: Raikkonen
    China: Pole: Raikkonen Race: Raikkonen
    Monaco: Pole: Alonso Race: Rosberg
    Canada: Pole: Alonso Race: Hamilton
    Austrian: Pole: Rosberg Race: Alonso
    Britain: Pole: Magnussen Race: Magnussen
    Germany: Pole: Hamilton Race: Raikkonen
    Hungary:Pole: Hamilton Race: Hamilton
    Belgium: Pole: Vettel: Raikkonen
    Italy: Pole: Hamilton Race: Button
    Singapore: Pole: Vettel Race: Vettel
    Japanese: Pole: Hamilton Race: Alonso
    Russia: Pole: Ricciardo Race: Vettel
    USA: Pole: Hamilton Race: Alonso
    Brazil: Pole: Vettel Race: Alonso
    Abu Dhabi: Pole: Hamilton Race: Hamilton

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