Predict the 2014 teammate battles

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    This thread is about your predictions on the 2014 teammate battles. Who will be better than their teammate and who will not? I’d like to see some arguments as well if you have time.

    The confirmed drivers can be found here if you have forgotten:

    Here’s my predictions:

    Red Bull:
    Vettel will have the upper hand especially in the beginning of the season but later Ricciardo will improve when he gets to know the car better and he will start matching Vettel in qualifying but on race pace he will still lack a bit.
    I expect it to be like this season. Hamilton will have slightly better qualifying pace but in races they will be very equal. Hamilton’s better grid plositions will give him a slight advantage on races and therefore he will be ahead of his teammate.
    Since neither of them is particularly good in qualifyings and both are very good in races, I expect them to be very equal. However I believe Raikkonen will have a slight advantage on race pace but only a very small one.
    Grosjean will be better than Maldonado but occationally Maldonado will have some good races but overall he can’t match Grosjean. Grosjean is able to pull some good performances and be more consistent but he might make some mistakes occasionally like his teammate but not as often.
    Early in the season Button will have the upper hand due to his experience but by the half point of the seson Magnussen will start matching Button and eventually even beat him. Overall it will be Button who has more points.
    Force India:
    Hulkenberg will be the better one of the two but Perez will not be so far back. Hulkenberg will be more consistent than Perez but Perez will occasionally beat him at least in the qualifying and sometimes in the races as well.
    Sutil might lose to or beat his teammate depending on who he is. Gutierrez, Sirotkin and van der Garde are among the ones he will likely beat.
    Toro Rosso:
    In the beginning Vergne will be better but Kvyat will quicly close the gap. However, Vergne will improve from this year since he does not have to worry about getting the Red Bull drive.
    Bottas will be the better one of the two since Massa is not nearly as good as he used to be but Massa will occasionally pull out good qualifying results but will fade a bit in the race. Bottas however is stronger in his second year like almost all drivers are.
    Bianchi will likely be better than his teammate, whoever it might be. If it is Chilton he will thrash him again but if it is somebody else he might not dominate him like he did Chilton.
    No drivers confirmed yet. If they hire Kovalainen, he will likely be the better one of the drivers.

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    I’ll list mine as 1 or 2, depending on who will be best, also, the dashes between them will demonstrate how far ahead.

    Red Bull: 1. Vettel—-2. Ricciardo
    Mercedes: 1. Hamilton–2. Rosberg
    Ferrari: 1. Alonso—2. Raikkonen
    Lotus: 1. Grosjean–2. Maldonado
    McLaren: 1. Magnussen-2. Button
    Force India: 1. Hulkenburg–2. Perez
    Sauber: 1. N/A 2. Sutil (Think he will be behind out of all of the possible candidates, unless it’s Chilton).
    Toro Rosso: 1. Kvyat–2. Vergne
    Williams: 1. Bottas–2. Massa
    Marussia: 1. Bianchi

    2. Chilton (if it is Chilton, if not it’ll be 4 dashes).
    Caterham: 1. Kovalainen-2.Van Der Garde

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    Red Bull: Vettel will win, probably easily but Daniel might surprise on the odd weekend.
    Merc: Rosberg will have the advantage when it comes to managing the race. Hamilton will either shine with battling the torque or completely lose his head when he has to actually think about the entire race weekend and not just treat the car like a bucking bronco.
    Ferrari: Alonso probably the clear winner with Kimi pushing him hard, especially in quali and the early races.
    Lotus: Grosjean, Maldonado will only get attention when people label him “that pay driver Lotus needed”
    McLaren: Button as I just don’t see a rookie being able to do that much in the first year esp when the cars are undergoing radical change and the teams are a bit baffled.
    FI: Hulkenberg leads an outshone Perez.
    Sauber: Who knows. Probably Sutil but he’ll be as uninspiring as ever.
    Toro Rosso: Vergne – same reason as McLaren.
    Williams: Massa, closely followed by Bottas.
    Marussia: Bianchi will beat anyone.
    Caterham: Van Der Garde will surprise against an average Heikki.

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    Loup Garou

    My predictions:

    1. Red Bull: Vettel will be further ahead of Riiciardo than he ever was agaist Webber. I do not believe that Ricciardo is as good a driver as Webber.

    2. Mercedes: Hard to tell. Rosberg seems to be absolutely determined to try & beat Hamilton and may do it too. It will be very close.

    3. Ferrari: Again, unpredictable. Raikkonen will be faster but Alonso more consistent. May go either way.

    4. Lotus: Grosjean will come out ahead but I sincerely hope he wipes the floor and a bit more with Maldonado.

    5. McLaren: Button will surprise a lot of people and do well this season. He will be well ahead of Magnssen, who will DNF a lot.

    6. Force India: The Hulk will be clearly ahead but Perez will not be far behind.

    7. Sauber: Sutil will edge out his teammate.

    8. Toro Rosso: Vergne will clearly beat the overeager Kvyat

    9. Williams: It will be close and the teammates will swap the team lead a few times but in the end the wily Massa will just beat Bottas.

    10 & 11. We will wait for the remaining 3 drivers TBC. If Caterham choose Kovalainen, he’ll end-up ahead of his teammate, whoever that is. If Marussia retain Chilton to partner Bianchi, the Frenchman will trounce the Englishman.

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    I’ll do similar to Phil. The winning driver is listed first. 1 dot represents “extremely close” – 5 dots represent “completely one-sided”.
    Red Bull: Vettel . . . . Ricciardo
    Mercedes: Hamilton . . Rosberg
    Ferrari: Alonso . . Raikkonen
    Lotus: Grosjean . Maldonado
    McLaren: Magnussen . Button
    Force India: Hulkenberg . . . Perez
    Sauber: Sutil . . Gutierrez
    Toro Rosso: Kvyat . . . . . Vergne
    Williams: Massa . Bottas
    Marussia: Bianchi . . . . . Chilton
    Caterham: van der Garde . . . Ericsson

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    I trust on Eddie the Oracle with the seats that are yet to be filled.

    1. Red Bull:
    Qualifying: Vettel wins 13-6
    Points: Vettel 65%, Ricciardo 35%

    2. Mercedes:
    Qualifying: Hamilton wins 11-8
    Points: Hamilton 45%, Rosberg 55%

    3. Ferrari:
    Qualifying: Alonso wins 12-7
    Points: Alonso 60%, Räikkönen 40%

    4. Lotus:
    Qualifying: Maldonado wins 10-9
    Points: Grosjean 70%, Maldonado 30%

    5. Mclaren:
    Qualifying: Magnussen wins 11-8
    Points: Button 45%, Magnussen 55%

    6. Force India:
    Qualifying: Hulkenberg wins 11-8
    Points: Hulkenberg 60%, Perez 40%

    7. Sauber:
    Qualifying: Sutil wins 12-7
    Points: Sutil 65%, Gutierrez 35%

    8. Toro Rosso:
    Qualifying: Vergne wins 10-9
    Points: Vergne 60%, Kvyat 40%

    9. Williams:
    Qualifying: Bottas wins 11-8
    Points: Massa 55%, Bottas 45%

    10. Marussia:
    Qualifying: Bianchi wins 16-3
    Points: Bianchi 100%, Chilton 0%, although that’s not fair comparison since Bianchi will score only 1 point.

    11. Caterham:
    Qualifying: Van der Garde wins 14-5
    No points for Caterham, but Van der Garde will beat Ericsson quite clearly.

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    Red Bull: S Vettel
    Mercedes: L Hamilton
    Ferrari: F Alonso
    Lotus: R Grosjean
    McLaren: J BUtton
    Force India: N Hulkenberg
    Sauber: A Sutil
    Toro Rosso: J Vergne
    Williams: F Massa
    Marussia: J Bianchi

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    Sir Teukka

    Red Bull: Vettel will continue dominating his teammate, at least early in the season. Ricciardo might challenge him in qualifying, but he’ll lose in race pace.

    Mercedes: The second strongest line-up of all (behind Ferrari). I expect Hamilton to be further ahead this season, now that he’s more used to the car and the team.

    Ferrari: Two very good (and similar) drivers. Not always that great in qualifying, but shine in races. Both are also incredibly consistent. Alonso will have the upper hand, as he’s used to the car and team, and Raikkonen’s not (sort of).

    Lotus: Grosjean will continue getting better and, provided they have the car to do it, will take his first win. Maldonado could show flashes of brilliance, but he’s too mistake-prone to be a threat to Grosjean.

    McLaren: Button takes this one, as Magnussen will struggle early in the season. He’ll catch up towards the end, and do a slightly better job than Perez did.

    Force India: Hulkenberg is the fastest non-WDC driver on the grid and he’ll prove that again this season. Perez is possibly the strongest teammate he’s ever had, but I predict Hulk to beat him comfortably.

    Sauber: Sutil will most likely beat his teammate, whoever it may be.

    Toro Rosso: Vergne wants to prove Red Bull they were wrong to take Ricciardo over him. It’s tough to prove that against an unexperienced rookie teammate, but Vergne will beat Kvyat easily.

    Williams: This one is also tough to predict. I think Bottas will win, as he’s only going to get better and Massa’s best days are cleary behind him.

    Marussia: Bianchi, no matter who comes against him.

    Caterham: –

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    So, 19 races next season right? I’ll try guess how many times each will finish ahead of the other.

    Red Bull: Vettel 15 – Ricciardo 4
    Mercedes: Rosberg 11 – Hamilton 8
    Ferrari: Alonso 11 – Raikkonen 8
    Lotus: Grosjean 12 – Maldonado 7
    McLaren: Button 14 – Magnussen 5
    Force India: Hulkenberg 14 – Perez 5
    Sauber: Sutil 14 – Gutierrez(?) 5
    Toro Rosso: Vergne 12 – Kvyat 7
    Williams: Bottas 13 – Massa 6
    Marussia: Bianchi 17 – Chilton(?) 2
    Caterham: Van Der Garde(?) 10 – Pic(?) 9

    Question marks are currently unconfirmed drivers.

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    Theo Parkinson

    I’ll only talk about the teams I care about

    Red Bull: Vettel will dominate but Daniel Ricciardo will surprise us in qualifying at the end of the year. I fear by then he’ll be out of the championship and will have to support vettel similar to Massa at Austin last year.

    Mercedes: Hard one to call. I think Lewis will win by a greater margin than this year, especially due to the ‘Abu Double’ but Rosberg looks determined to have the edge. The only thing I’m worried about is if Rosberg is ready to compete in a championship environment. If Mercedes are the pace setters I’ll give it to Lewis but they’ll be close if Mercedes is not in the championship picture because Lewis will lose focus again.

    Ferrari: Alonso is more established in the team than Kimi and will probably sway development towards him by pulling a few strings. Only thing I’m certain of is some great wheel to wheel racing and some funny pit radio.

    Lotus: Grosjean will lead the team through the dark times ahead but Pastor will surprise us every now and then proving his worth. In 2012 Maldonado’s pace was very good in both Spanish races and Singapore so I think he will beat Grosjean occasionally. If Lotus is good I think Grosjean will get his first win.

    Mclaren: Button will prove his doubters wrong next year by being the strong team number one for the majority of the season. By the halfway Magnussen will catch up and give some great performances by the end of the year becoming the teams number one.

    Force India: Perez will be closer to Nico then expected but he’ll be a bit less reliable. Perez will attempt alternate strategies scoring some big points but I’m expecting Hulkneberg to cream Perez in qualifying and overall race pace. Both have a lot to prove so any on track battles should be fierce.

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    Of those who are confirmed so far:

    Red Bull: Vettel.
    Mercedes: Hamilton to beat Rosberg…just.
    Ferrari: Alonso. Not wait, Raikkonen. No, Alonso. No Raikkonen. Actually, it’s too close to call. But Maybe Alonso, or Raikkonen.
    Lotus: RoGro fo sho sho.
    McLaren: Over a season, Button. Magnussen will push him hard though.
    Force India: Hulkenberg.
    Sauber: Sutil, regardless of who his team mate is.
    STR: Vergne.
    Williams: Bottas.
    Marussia: Bianchi, regardless of who his team mate is.

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    Red Bull: Vettel by quite some margin. Ricciardo will outqualify him a couple of times.
    Mercedes: Hamilton, only by a few points.
    Ferrari: Alonso, only by a few points.
    McLaren: Button, but Magnussen won’t be far behind.
    Lotus: Grosjean will be miles ahead in the final standings, but Maldonado will outpace him on a few occasions.
    Force India: Hulkenberg. Perez won’t be far behind, but neither very close.
    Sauber: If it’s Sutil and Gutierrez, I think Sutil’s experience will be decisive. Not a huge margin.
    Toro Rosso: Vergne, just.
    Williams: Bottas, but it’ll be as close a battle as any.
    Marussia: Bianchi, and he’ll score a point or two. Gap depends on who the teammate is.
    Caterham: Van der Garde (if it’s him and Pic/Ericsson). Not a huge gap.

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    Red Bull: Vettel
    Mercedes: Rosberg
    Ferrari: Alonso
    Lotus: Grosjean
    McLaren: Button
    Force India: Hulkenburg
    Sauber: Depends on who is driving
    Toro Rosso: Kvyat
    Williams: Bottas
    Marussia: Bianchi
    Caterham: Depends on who’s driving

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    Red Bull
    Vettel scores 70% more points than Ricciardo.
    Vettel wins qualifying battle 12-7.

    Hamilton scores 10% more points than Rosberg.
    Hamilton wins qualifying battle 10-9

    Alonso scores 20% more points than Raikkonen.
    Alonso wins qualifying battle 12-7.

    Grosjean scores 30% more points than Maldonado.
    Grosjean wins qualifying battle 11-8.

    Button scores 15% more points than Magnussen.
    Magnussen wins the qualifying battle 13-6.

    Force India
    Hulkenberg scores 20% more points than Perez.
    Hulkenberg wins the qualifying battle 11-8.

    Sutil scores 25% more points than Gutierrez.
    Gutierrez wins qualifying battle 10-9.

    Toro Rosso
    Kvyat scores 15% more points than Vergne.
    Kvyat wins qualifying battle 13-6.

    Bottas scores 20% more points than Massa.
    Bottas wins the qualifying battle 11-8.

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    Red Bull -> Vettel crushes his teammate in quali, race, practice sessions .. you name it.
    Mercedes -> Close match between Rosberg and Hamilton, but similar to 2013, Hamilton will come out on top in 2014 as well
    Ferrari -> Alonso will beat Raikkonen convincingly. Maybe not as convincingly as he destroyed Massa, but he will beat him pretty regularly
    Lotus -> Grosjean should re affirm the fact that Maldonado is nothing more than a pay driver
    Mclaren -> Closest inter team battle of the season, with Magnussen getting the better of Button
    Force India -> Hulkenberg should beat him by a decent margin
    Williams -> Bottas beats Massa on sheer consistency
    Sauber -> Dont know who the second driver is yet. But if it is between Gutti and Sutil, I expect Sutil to come out on top
    Toro Rosso -> JEV comes out on top, although Kyvat out qualifies him during the year
    Caterham -> Dont know who’s driving for them. Dont care
    Marrussia -> Bianchi. Regardless of the the guy in the 2nd seat

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