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    So the 2010 season has almost gone, with a new team champions, lead by an old guru who has seen & done it so many times (Newey).

    What can we expect for 2011?? The resurgence of old familure champions – Ferrari, Mclaren et al ?? Mercedes lead by the old timer greatest champion, M.Schu. Will redbull hold onto the title ??

    This is NOT a time for fairy tales and wishes.

    BUT what realistically will 2011 bring?

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    Ok, my predictions for next season


    1 Michael Schumacher

    2 Fernando Alonso

    3 Felipe Massa

    4 Mark Webber

    5 Lewis Hamilton

    6 Robert Kubica

    7 Rubens Barrichello

    8 Jenson Button

    9 Sebastian Vettel

    10 Nico Rosberg


    1 Ferrari

    2 Mercedes

    3 Red Bull

    4 McLaren

    5 Renault

    6 Williams

    7 Virgin Racing

    8 Sauber

    9 Lotus Racing/Team Lotus/1Malaysia1

    10 Force India

    11 Hispania Racing Team

    12 Toro Rosso

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    1.Fernando Alonso

    2.Sebastian Vettel

    3.Felipe Massa

    4.Lewis Hamilton

    5.Mark Webber

    6.Michael Schumacher

    7.Jenson Button

    8.Rubens Barrichello

    9.Nico Rosberg

    10.Robert Kubica

    11.Kamui Kobyashi

    12.Adrian Sutil

    13.Nico Hulkenburg



    2.Red Bull





    7.Force India


    9.Toro Rosso




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    sbl on tour

    alonso v hamilton v vettel

    thats about it I think


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    Oh Ferrari fans, don’t you know it means nothing, you can all guess my prediction but what last season taught me is that none of us can know anything till the red lights go out in Bahrain. Other than that it’s all fan choice.

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    I don’t think many people expected Red Bull to be as strong as they were this year. Look at Ferrari and McLaren in 2009- the previous year they were fighting for the Championship right up to the last race, so the following season they hadn’t had enough time to concentrate on the new car.

    I hope Red Bull can continue their form in 2011, but somehow I think McLaren and Ferrari will come back strong- about time I guess.

    As for MSC, I think he could finally justify coming back in 2011. Maybe not a Championship contender- that depends on the car- but hopefully strong.

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    Maybe I’m biased :)

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    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    @ Daykind

    I know i’m not a big Schumi fan, but can you really see him winning next year, and if he does Rosberg will be right with him, not languashing in tenth.

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    Nigel Mansell will make a stunning comeback, even though they’d need to enlarge to cockpit to get him in. I Also predict he’ll overtake a stunned Schumacher on the outside of turn eight, whilst being pushed out on to the runoff area…

    .. I know this cos I’m practiced it many times on the PS3.

    .. just see if I’m not right!

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    Red Bull will still be faster next year – but only just. It will come down to the consistency of results for the second drivers (ie. Webber, Button, Massa and Schumacher) as to who will win the championship:

    1. Red Bull

    2. McLaren

    3. Ferrari

    4. Mercedes


    1. Vettel

    2. Hamilton

    3. Alonso

    4. Webber

    5. Button

    I think it will be a very close championship between Hamilton and Vettel

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    @Juan Pablo

    Yes, I really do see him being champion.

    As an Alonso fan, I would rather that Fernando gets it, but for me Schumacher is the greatest driver of all time, and his last 3 performances have being very impressive. He got strong results in Bahrain, Spain, Belgium and Turkey, and proved (somewhat controversially) that he is still the same old defender with punishing moves in Canada and Hungary.

    As for Rosberg, well I don’t think he is in the same league as Schumacher. Sure he’s outscored him this year, but where have his incredible performances being? Three third places which were somewhat inherited?

    Schumacher is a million miles better than Rosberg, and will be world champion next year in my eyes.

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    Red Andy

    I predict a riot.

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    Juan Pablo Heidfeld


    Fair enough, however I still feel that he is past it, and will be Rosberg’s assisant next year if they challenge for the title.

    Feel free to convince me I’m wrong…

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    Rosberg will outscore Schumacher next season if they both stay put at Mercedes.

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