Prettiest F1 track?

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    I’m sleepy so if this is daft blame it on the very early coverage but what do you think is the prettiest ever F1 track? Have you ever been? Have any photos?

    For me it has to be Singapore but just at twilight not when it’s fully dark. It’s absolutely breath taking.




    Singapore is great when the sun has gone, and it is a mixture of the remaining sun filtering over the horizon and the lights of the buildings. But Albert Park is quite pretty, and I wasn’t disappointed when I visited it. I also like Spa because it looks epic, Austria for the rolling hills, and the old Hockenheim was beautiful too. But did you like the shot FOM showed of the Korean coastline towards the track? It showed the shoreline and the rice fields, which I thought looked amazing. The vastness of the plains make the track pretty spectacular!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think Sochi will look great when it’s done – run around the Winter Olympic Village with the Black Sea in the foreground and the Caucasus Mountains in the back.



    Singapore in twilight definitely, having it at night ruins it for me, it reminds me of that Cadbury’s advert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whxcLp7PZ-w (only less exciting).



    For a moment there Icthyes I was worried you had posted the advert with the gorilla and the drums :P It reminds me of that sort of too which in turn reminds me of that TG episode with Clarkson and a couple of estatecars on an airport runway :S

    Yeah PM that could look really beautiful



    I guess Singapore is the perfect “pretty” circuit, but I think the likes of Spa and Abu Dhabi offer something quite stunning as well.



    Without question Singapore and Abby Dabby.



    Singapore of course! Oh, if only we could race in Hong Kong! In the past I really loved Buenos Aires by the way, and I think Sochi offers a lot for the future. In terms of character though, Suzuka and Spa/Francorchamps do it the most for me.


    sbl on tour

    monza, in the late afternoon sauntering down past the lesmos, under the old track ,up to ascari, with the sun coming thru the trees from the royal park, and down to the parabolica, need I say more

    wonder whose ghosts are there with you……….



    Ned Flanders

    I’m probably in the minority here but I like the look of Valencia, especially since they painted all the walls and run offs in bright colours. The freight ships and docks in the background give it a really unique industrial backdrop too. Hooray for Valencia!



    I think Valencia would look better as a night race.



    Singapore & Spa when it is wet.


    sbl on tour

    valencia…yawn….always will be.roll on palma

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