Provisional relase dates for the Official F1 Season Review

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    Duke have the release dates (presumably provisional) for the 2013 Official F1 Season Review: 16th December for the DVD and 20th December for the Blu Ray. Good to see Metrodome (I presume it’s still them) are getting their act together and distributing the discs before Christmas this year.


    Lucas Wilson

    Sri Harsha

    Thanx for the Info This time we get the reviews before Christmas. Last year we got it afte Jan 1st week i think.



    @harsha Yeah, well FOM actually finish the review two to three weeks after the season finishes, it’s then down to the distributors (Metrodome) to master the discs and ship them. Obviously Metrodome didn’t get their act together last year, which I would assume FOM would have ****** off about, but by then it would have been too late.



    @fom-fan do you work for FOM?



    @sato113 No. I’m just going on statements that FOM, or ex-FOM employees have said in the past on the internet.



    I was always wondering why they don’t release every single race. I mean, they could make more money if they established a website where, for a small fee, we can watch each race.



    @adphilip they’d have to host each race, plus probably have to pay the individual broadcasters fees (which would probs be exorbitant for permanent hosting) for their commentary, unless they want to re-record the commentary themselves.



    So it would probably be too expensive, in terms of paying for hosting and storage etc. Also currently they’ve given online rights to each broadcaster in their country, so legally I doubt they can host full races right now, although they do have the opportunity to revoke the contract if they want, which was mentioned in their Singapore stock listing document.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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