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Push-rod or Pull-rod suspension?

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    Ferrari : Push-rod

    Sauber : Push-rod(because they use same engine and gearbox)

    Renault Lotus GP : Pull-rod


    Redbull : possibly Pull-rod?

    Team Lotus : possibly Pull-rod? or more?(Gascoyne is very proud of their suspensions)

    Mercedes, Force India, Mclaren, etc : possibly Push-rod?

    Interesting. R31 has pull-rod suspension like last season’s Redbull. I don’t know actual benefit of each suspension configuration. All I know is pull-rod has aerodynamical benefit and push-rod is more flexible(for setting) but I’m not sure. Is it correct? What do you think about team’s suspension choice after Redbull dominant season?

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    I’d like to take this oppurtunity to ask an educated person what the difference is and how you can tell :D

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    I don’t have an indepth knowledge, but I do a little about Red Bull’s system. They used rear pull-rod in both 2009 and 2010. This partly why in 2009, although Red Bull didn’t have a double diffuser to start with, they were able to improve dramatically (with respect to Brawn) in the second half of the season.

    Rear pull-rods allow a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to aerodynamics, particularly the diffuser.

    McLaren traditionally (for the last few years) use a much firmer suspension than, say, Red Bull or Ferrari. They’ve used push-rods for the last two seasons (at least), so I’d guess they’d stick to it again for 2011.

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    A pull-rod system allows the car to sit closer to the ground, part of the reason why red bull was so ridiculously good in qualifying last year. But it can aggravate tyre wear.

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    Agree with Ichtyes. From what ive heard the pull rod suspension helps you lower your suspension closer to the ground and lowers the centre of gravity. The pull rod however, doesn’t work well with very high nosed cars.. so if Red Bull adopt the pull rod system expect their nose to be similar to the one they were running last year (even similar to the Lotus Renault’s). Ferrari has a push rod system which is a little more flexible and configurable and is more apt for a high nose car, as they seem to be running this year

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    Mclaren would be as well going for the risk of Pull Rod and getting the aero benefit because their conservative Push Rod rear last year clearly was’t working!!

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    This stuff makes sense. Could someone perhaps find pictures to highlight the difference?

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    well, there will be tsunami of pictures today lol

    @Todfod I noticed Lotus Renault has significantly low nose compared to Ferrari, Sauber.

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    Thanks very much Todford, i’ll check that link out tonight :)

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    It seems like Mercedes also chose pull-rod suspension. but they has very high nose too. interesting.

    Updated : Williams too? I’m not sure…

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