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    Mika Hakkinen is going to visit India next week as part of Johnnie Walker’s responsible drinking initiative as well as to promote the inaugural Indian Grand Prix.

    My sister has a one-on-one interview scheduled with him and I get to go along and meet Hakkinen! He’s the first driver I have ever supported and part of the reason I started watching F1 in the first place.

    Most questions will pertain to the responsible drinking initiative and the Indian GP. Please suggest some additional relevant questions that my sister can ask him. I promise to post the article once it’s published.


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    If Schumacher hadn’t have broken his leg in 1999, would you have won that championship? =P

    I’m sure others can think of better questions but aren’t the questions asked going to be very generic anyway? i.e, What did it feel like winning your first title? What was David Coulthard like as a team mate? etc

    Lucky for your sister though!!


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    That’s a really good question but I guess I should have specified that it can’t be the least bit controversial. Plus I really admire the guy and don’t want make the encounter awkward.

    And you’re right, most questions are going to be very generic. That’s why I just need 2-3 additional questions from you guys.


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    Does he think there will ever be a GP in his homeland?


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    So far I have come up with:

    1. What is your opinion on team orders being legalized?

    2. What do you think of Michael’s performance (or the lack of it) since his comeback?


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    – Are you following any young Finn’s career, and who do you think will be the next Finn in F1?


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    Thanks. That’s exactly the kind of question I was looking for.


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    Do you think F1 is putting too much emphasis on DRS and KERS with trying to ‘improve the spectacle’ or is it all just part of an evolving formula, like the introduction tyres blankets for example? Just a natural technical step or risking alienating F1’s fanbase?


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    Juan Pablo Heidfeld


    Do you have lots of fun doing Mercedes with Schumi and Nico :P


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    Is it strange working together with Michael on adverts after you were such fierce rivals?


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    i’d ask him “how’d you get so awesome?”. then i’d ask if his cool temperament was an asset or a liability during his racing career.


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    Ask him if he thinks Raikonnen has wasted his talent.

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