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F1 discussion

Questions on Codemasters F1 2010

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    Keith Collantine

    I’m talking to Codemasters about F1 2010 shortly so please post any questions you want answered here.

    And yes, I will ask them about Heidfeld! Expect a “no”, but perhaps they might bring out a patch or something later on.

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    Why did they decide not to include a Safety Car in the game?

    Will updates/downloadable content be available in the future?

    Profile photo of Icthyes

    Will there be any help with set-up? In real life the teams have a general idea and tweak it over practice, but a gamer has to start from scratch, and they might not know anything about brake bias, suspension settings, tyre pressures, etc.

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    Will you be able to design your own helmets in the career mode?

    Judging from the “Hamilton Humprey” race…you will.

    Profile photo of Rucknar

    @ Tommy B89 – They have already replied to similar questions. As i understand there wasn’t time to get the saftey car system implemented in time. and as for the DC, none is planned unless there are any significant changes mid season.

    Not really the game suited to DLC i guess.

    My question is do they plan on having the 2011 version out for the start of the 2011 season?

    Second question would be… Please can they send me a private copy now as i’m away while it’s release ;o)

    Profile photo of TommyB

    @GeeMac RE:Helmets. No you won’t. Shame I know… You choose from “countries” in the helmet designs. UK/English looking cheesey and awful.

    There are 6 other designs available all a bit dull. Also you can use Anthony Davidson’s helmet design.

    When racing online you use the helmet you choose for your career.

    Profile photo of damonsmedley

    I’d love to know what the damage is going to be like? Are there going to be wheel tethers or will the wheels just fly off into the crowd? If they haven’t included tethers will they do so next year? I have a PS3 so will I be able to assign the accelerator to the R2 trigger? Also will they be brightening it up/adding a little more colour to the scenery? From the BBC feature it all seems a bit dark – but that’s only a minor problem – the game otherwise looks fantastic.

    Profile photo of Polishboy808

    Well, I follow the codemasters forums and can already answer some of your questions!

    @Keith– Steve said that Yammamoto wont be in it, so dont excpect Heidfeld in it either.

    @Tommy B89- No, theres no DLC for the game.

    @Superted666– No, the 2011 game will be released at about the same time next year as the 2010 one.

    @Damonsmedley– No wheel tethers sadly. judging by the damage videos, it takes a HUGE hit to take off a wheel on even the most realistic damage setting. The wings come off and little peices of the wings can fall off too, not just the whole wing. I cant post any videos cause im in school and theyve blocked youtube and things like that, but there was a video where a McLaren rammed a Ferrari at about 160 mph and the ferrari kept on going, didnt even lose a wing, or spin! So the over hyped damage model is quite dissapointing actually. But this may be better for online play, so that theres no idiots ramming us off the roads and damaging our cars beyond repair.

    However I would still like some clarification on the damage model, because it said somewhere that the car can be damaged down to the safety cell, and then they said it couldn’t, and Targa (Steve Hood) made it quite hard to decipher what he meant on the forums….

    Profile photo of SteveMovieVoice

    Sorry in advance, my welsh pride is coming out here: What do i do for if i want a welsh helmet?, i dont want an english helmet, and why are Button/Hamilton’s flags for nationality english on the previews, they may be english but in real F1 the British flag is used.

    My question would be: Are there any extras that can be unlocked, for example Jerez in F1 06, or old cars?

    Profile photo of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    Will updates/downloadable content be available in the future?

    No. Codemasters don’t do DLC.

    My question is do they plan on having the 2011 version out for the start of the 2011 season?

    No. The cars in the game are built based on the actual cars, using data provided by the teams. There’s no way Codemasters would be given access to that data before the season begins.

    Profile photo of sato113

    from videos i’ve seen there is too much grip when you spin off track, even in the wet. you can’t skid sideways across wet grass (for example). why is this?

    and like welshf1 asks above, why don’t HAM and BUT have the british flag ingame?

    Profile photo of Polishboy808

    @Welsh, Im not sure about the helmet, there has been some discussion on the forums but i didnt pay much attention. And sadly, no, there will be no unlockable cars or tracks :(

    Profile photo of Jarred Walmsley
    Jarred Walmsley

    Will there be multiplayer option on the same PS3 i.e. non online multiplayer

    Profile photo of mcmercslr

    will the upgrades to the cars in the game be visual as well as performance enhancing???. Eg the merc engine cover

    Profile photo of SteveMovieVoice

    Another question i would like to ask is if you can save replays. I know that DIRT and Grid didnt have this feature(although the toca series did). I’d love it if you can save a great pass or a huge crash.

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