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Quotes about Ayrton Senna

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    I’m looking for help to find some quotes about, not by, Ayrton Senna. So if you know any quotes, please post it here because I can’t find anything for my schoolwork.

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    Some from Alain Prost “The difference between me and Senna is, to BELIEVE in god or to think YOU ARE god…”

    “Senna was certainly the best driver I ever raced against, by a long, long way. He was by far the most committed driver I ever saw.”

    “It would be a personal victory for me to convince Ayrton that there are more things in life rather than just racing” Alain Prost

    Dick Bennetts “Eventually, when I saw our points were eroding away, we sat down and had a chat. I said, ‘Do you realise it’s better to finish second? You can’t win every time.’ He found that extremely difficult to accept.”

    Peter Warr “You felt you wanted to give more than was required in order to provide the guy with what he wanted-and he was going to give it back to you in performance.”

    Bernie “As a guy, it struck me immediately that he obviously knew exactly what he was capable of doing, and that he was very self-confident. And he also came across as an extremely nice person.”

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    Thanks, Steph! You saved me from the anger of my english teacher!

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    Any time :) Good luck with your work.

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    A very interesting one here:

    ‘I don’t know if I can remember one precise day, but, slowly, I realised his motivation was not just to beat me, but it was to destroy me.’

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    Yesterday, IIRC, Ron Dennis said something like: “If he was given the choice of not driving but be still alive, I don’t think he would have accepted.”

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