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    Andrew Benson from BBC on Fridays works out the relative race pace of the top runners;

    Race-sim averages medium tyre: VET 26.7; WEB 26.9; GRO 27.2; ALO 27.4; RAI 27.6; HAM 27.7; MAS 28.3; ROS 28.8

    Race-sim averages soft tyre: VET 1:27.1; WEB 27.5; GRO 27.7; ROS 27.9; ALO 28.2; RAI 28.3; HAM 28.3

    In summary, Red Bull looks untouchable on both compounds; 2 tenths separating Mercs,Ferrari and Red Bull on both compounds.

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    2013 Hungarian Grand Prix Friday practice analysis : Lotus within a tenth of Red Bull on Friday

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