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Raikkonen injures hand

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    Alianora La Canta

    I doubt Kimi would have consented to join a team that stopped him from doing extra-curricular activities – he’s always been a risk-taker. This probably won’t get his relationship with Eric Boullier to the right start, however.

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    Thankfully it wasn’t too serious. Imagine Renault/Lotus’ position if Kimi had been ruled out of the 2012 season. They couldn’t really have gone back to Petrov or Senna. Time to get Nick Heidfeld in again? :D

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    Force Maikel

    Wow deja vu, luckly not serious like last year, but it must have given some people at LRPG a sweat

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    sbl on tour

    boullier, will you ever learn!
    reckon kubica is well shot of the regie or whatever you call those dunderhaeds

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    if Kimi would’ve been hurt, “leftovers” from FI might have been interesting, whoever that will be. I guess Hulkenberg. So no real biggie :)

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    Most dramatic crash EVER!! lol

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    I’m amazed he was able to keep the hand after an incident that large.

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    I’m glad he landed on such a soft material otherwise that’s his comeback over and his racing career done for. I hope they have Nick Heidfeld handy because Kimi could be out depending on a scan.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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