Red Bull – Fastest in straights in Spa, where else has this happened?

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    Ideally this should be a comment on Keith’s upcoming Qualifying analysis but since it’s not posted, I’ve done some myself at it turns out, Red Bull are one of the fastest in the straights! McLaren seem to be running a high downforce setup which compromises their usually straight line advantage.

    I’m wondering… where else has this happened? I’m thinking this might just be the first time Red Bull (almost… by 0.1 km/h) top the speed trap!

    If it’s ok for me to link to my analysis (only the top teams… no where near the super job Keith does with all the teams) it’s here – http://literalf1.com/2011/08/27/%e2%98%af-spa-qualifying-analysis/



    I suspect that it may be due to the fact that as the RBR7 is so awesome at high-speed corners they are getting significantly better runs into the straights and are probably getting on the power/DRS earlier. Consider that Kemmel comes immediately after Eau Rouge/Radillion which are high-downforce, fast corners and the next-biggest straight is after Blanchimont – see previous.



    Good point James_mc!

    The speed trap for Spa is at Radillion, right after Eau Rouge so that might be a reason why. I know that the RB7 can deploy it’s DRS well before the opposition thanks to it’s rear downforce like Turn 10 China, 3rd apex of Turn 8 in Turkey and so on…

    Perhaps the RB7 is just a better all round car than it’s previous iterations.

    I would have personally liked a dry qualifying to see which cars could take Blanchiomont with DRS open!



    However, the sooner you put on the DRS, the sooner you’ll spin. We saw a bit of slippery work of seb on the pole lap of turkey through turn 8…



    The key is to deploy it as soon as possible, but not so soon that you spin. Is there any way we can get “true” end of Kemmel speeds? I find that much more interesting than the exit speed at Raidillon


    Stephen Jones

    RB forgot to attach the rear wing..

    but actually they were running extremely low downforce.. that’s all i know

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