Regular grand prix articles which have been cancelled for Japan

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    I thought respect and dignity were a worldwide things. But maybe that’s just my British view…….



    Personally I think it’s great those articles were not ran after last weekend.

    For example, if Ferrari’s points streak would have ended in any other race, a lot more people would have commented on it and a much bigger deal would have been made of it. Yet, with Bianchi’s accident, it’s rendered a moot point. Much like, in my mind, who was the best driver of the race or how good the race was.

    Both comment sections typically have heated discussions about why people rate a race/driver the way they do and I can only see trouble if people would vote Bianchi for driver of the weekend or would vote the race a 1 because of the accident, or a 8 because of the actual running, ignoring the accident. It would no doubt result in a discussion that would be unpretty.



    I’ve noticed, not just the rating, but also “Caption Competition” wasn’t available


    Keith Collantine

    @functor The Caption Competitions do not happen on race weekends.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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