Return of the Finn ???

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    OK, OK, this does not deserve lots of media coverage

    Though I am attempting to read between the lines


    Mclaren Mercedes are ending their engine deal with Mercedes

    Well not ending it, just allowing it to expire

    Kimi Raikkonen is bored again, reiterating that he would return to F1, in a top seat

    There is speculation in the media, about Hamilton and now Button.


    Could it B that the Finn is wanted for the new Mclaren team, without a mercedes engine??




    The current deal between McLaren and Mercedes ends in 2015, when Raikkonen turns 36. I’m not sure that returning to F1 after six years is going to turn out well, though I could be wrong. Also, who said McLaren were definately not going to renew their deal with Mercedes?



    I doubt it. Kimi walked away from a Mclaren seat that seemed to be his if he wanted it at the end of 09 and since then he’s had two years out of the sport which has seen a fair few changes. If Kimi came back I doubt he’d be on the pace right away and because of that a big team wouldn’t gamble on him unless they had no alternatives and I think Kimi knows that.


    Red Andy

    Are we on this again?

    Kimi left F1 at the end of 2009. He has shown no indication of wishing to return, nor has any team shown any indication of wishing to hire him.

    He is gone. He has left. Departed. Ceased to race. Quit. Absconded. Fled. Decamped. Withdrawn. Exited. Moved on. Escaped. Walked away.

    There are lots of new, exciting drivers coming through the junior formulae. Let’s talk about them, rather than some overrated, tired has-been who has indicated he wishes to continue rallying rather than fill a seat in F1. Even if there were one available. Which there isn’t.


    sbl on tour

    i,m sure kimi can find much more exciting thing to do than return to the F1 madhouse



    I wonder how many ‘Kimi comeback’ threads we’ve had now! :P



    Ah, another “Kimi back to F1” thread! It’s been a while!

    Red Andy is right, the guy is long gone and isn’t coming back.



    Mclaren are definitely NOT going to renew the engine deal with Mercedes.

    They could still B a customer that is true and admitted, by Ron & Norbert.

    Though Ron is working on building his own engine. He is hoping to supply it to the

    F1 works team, in the near future.

    His side project is the mclaren roadcar. In the 90s there were the mclaren f1 road car, now he is producing the mp4 12c.

    He wants to live the dream and create the british ferrari.

    Part 1 the F1 team. Part 11 the road car (which is in the process)

    Part 111 Mclaren F1 powered by Mclaren



    Kimi walked out on F1 so why do people want him back?

    He’s best of racing circles in America with fellow quitter JPM


    Ned Flanders

    Click on pepsiperfect’s name, and look at the threads he has already created. You’ll find that this is the second thread he has started with the title “Return of the Finn”. He’s also created two threads claiming that the McLaren- Mercedes partnership is about to end, with absolutely no evidence to back that up.

    I have three questions for Mr Perfect:

    When did Raikkonen reiterate he would move back to F1?

    What makes you so sure that McLaren won’t renew their engine deal?

    And, most importantly, WTF links the two issues??!



    Kimi Raikkonen left F1 because he had his championship and fancied a new challenge. Do you blame him? He fancied ago at Rallying and has gone and done that. Now, to those saying that Kimi has left Formula 1 forever is pretty clueless. He had talks with McLaren before Button joined the team, these talks went on for a while and looked like he was going to join, it wasn’t a simply ”Hey Kimi, fancy joining us?” And he replied ”No” He considered it. The only reason I think he decided against it was 1) He didn’t get the wage he wanted 2) Button wanted out of Brawn, and McLaren know they could of got him, and decided too.

    Kimi has said that he may return to Formula 1 if its a championship winning team. So lets say Webber leaves Red Bull at the end of 2012, who would replace him? Buemi? He doesn’t deserve it, he’s just about managing to keep his Toro Rosso seat. Hamilton? Who knows. Kimi? It wouldn’t surprise me. He has links with Red Bull and they are a very rich team that could supply Kimi the wages he would want.

    I’m not saying Kimi will return to Formula 1, just simply saying that a return isn’t off the cards and them long talks with McLaren weren’t for nothing.

    The reason Mercedes and McLaren won’t renew their deal is because by then Mercedes will be pushing at the front and won’t want to supply McLaren their Engines.



    Ever since he left F1 in 2009, Kimi has never totally ruled out a return. Only a few weeks ago (http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/91560) he reiterated that an F1 return is still on the cards.

    And why shouldn’t it be? When he left in 2009, he was still at the top of his game, and still one of the best drivers the sport has seen. And if he did decide to come back, who wouldn’t him?

    Personally I’d love to see Raikkonen return, almost as much as I wanted Schumacher to come back. To those of you who dismiss this as a wild dream, the more fool you. I wouldn’t say it’s “likely”, because I’m not him. But if Kimi himself, a person who famously dislikes the media attention, says it’s a possibility, well that’s good enough for me.



    i cant believe that the only evidence you have given us to why Mclaren and mercedes will end their partnership is because mercedes will be up at the front and not want the competition, first who says theyll be at the front???? and do you imagine that renault will stop supplying red bull if they became good??



    The only thing redeeming this topic is the fact that I actually thought for three thousands of a second that someone would be talking about a Mika Hkkinen comeback.



    Oh god not this again.

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