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RIP Shoya Tomizawa

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    Died after a horrific crash today in the Moto2 race.


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    RIP Tomizawa. His life was taken so horffically early. Was bound for Moto GP within the next few years.

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    Feeling bad for Japanese Motorcycle rider Shoya Tomizawa who died yesterday due to an accident in the Moto2 race.The video of the accident was very bad. Always feel bad when a racing driver die when he is racing.

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    I saw it live, so horrible. One thing why I prefer F1 to Moto GP is that riding a bike you can fall off, and no safety measures can prevent it, whilst in F1 the driver has seatbelts and many protections beside him.

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    @ Fixy

    I totally agree with was horrible to see that. I didn’t saw that live but when I saw the replay I was horrid.

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    I’ve not seen it and don’t want to, really liked the guy, rooted for him after watching the first Moto2 race, he could have started title hunting next year or year after. Such a shame. May he rest in peace, motorsport mourns another lost talent.

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    I saw it live and it was sickening. I was shouting at the screen for them to red flag it, then I remembered that unless the track is blocked the race must always go on. Really wish I hadn’t been watching. Its a sad reminder how incredibly dangerous motorcycling is even at the safest of race tracks.

    They showed replays as well imediately after the crash during the race which was a bit distateful. It was clearly a catostrophic accident and they didn’t need to show it again. Even in football when there’s a bad break to leg they won’t show replays.

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    What I meant is that every time the MotoGP riders passed at the same turn my heart stopped for a moment. Every time I watched MotoGP I was afraid for the riders because I knew this could happen; it happened to Tomizawa. From now on I will be even more afraid.

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    Requiescat in pace Tomizawa. You will always be remebered!!!!!!

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    Ned Flanders

    I watched the crash today. I felt as though I shouldn’t have out of respect, but I had an awful morbid sense of curiosity. It was a really horrible accident. I know motorbikes and cars are completely different, but such incidents ought to remind us motor racing will always be dangerous no matter what improvements in safety are made.

    The law of averages dictates that one day, whether in the short or long term, an F1 driver will die at the wheel. It’s a horrible thought, but we shouldn’t delude ourselves that drivers are bulletproof

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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