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Ross Brawn to Leave Mercedes at the end of 2013

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    Lucas Wilson

    BBC Sport has stated he is leaving:

    Where is he going to go?

    Profile photo of Loup Garou
    Loup Garou

    Where is he going to go?

    Also, in what capacity? Brawn is a technical man at heart isn’t he? Maybe being the Team principal and all the attendant admin and media activity did not suit him.

    Profile photo of himmatsj

    That is sad indeed, that Nolbert Haug decided to ditch the man who made this all possible. I fear now that Mercs will run away with the 2014 title, forgetting the contributions of Brawn amid that (though it may be payback for 2009 then I guess).

    I reckon he could go back to Ferrari, or maybe try a new adventure at McLaren. Apparently, Tony is a personal friend of his, so Caterham might be in the running too.

    Profile photo of Diceman

    How about Williams? The co-operation between Brawn and Symmonds has worked fine before.

    Profile photo of Iestyn Davies
    Iestyn Davies

    I thought Haug was now in a different field? It’s the new coalition that is now backed by the Mercedes board – Lauda and Wolff, with Lowe running things in the team. Germans in the credit roles for a German company (I’m speculating here), especially if there is success in 2014 (along with the PR boost that gives).

    Possible options: Williams by buying Wolff’s shares, running the team outright in the Patrick Head role with Symmonds (with Claire for her father I guess).

    McLaren-Honda from his Honda relationship, they know he can bring success as 2009 showed. McLaren need some strong leadership too to recover themselves. Honda coming on strong could help them for this.

    Ferrari – would have to move back to Italy, and most people from the glory days have gone. But Allison is returning… But is it now Stefano’s team? Don’t think they’d remove him from being the team leader.

    Caterham must be a dark horse! Depends how long Brawn wants to stay involved in F1. He certainly likes it, so it’s a case of when he wants to retire. The FIA is an intriguing option, I imagine Brawn would sort it right out!

    Profile photo of himmatsj

    Ross Brawn and Jean Todt running the show at the FIA would do little to inspire confidence, even if I think Brawn could do well there. Reason is, already Ferrari are said to be in a covert deal with the FIA, and then two of their leaders there…nah it won’t do good for the sport.

    Profile photo of Todfod

    Honestly, Brawn should be replacing Whitmarsh. Martins a nice guy, but quite a poor team leader. As a lot of evidence would suggest, he isn’t the best manager or decision maker either.

    If Brawn joins Mclaren for 2014, and Alonso would join Mclaren in 2015… it might make f1 a whole lot more interesting

    Profile photo of JamieFranklinF1

    I’m really hoping he goes to McLaren. Ever since Whitmarsh has been in charge, the team has become a lot more likeable, but a bit of Brawn’s technical magic would do the team wonders. I imagine it wouldn’t have much of an effect for 2014, as neither did his appearance at Honda in 2008, but 2015 and the Woking team could once again be a force to be reckoned with.

    Profile photo of Meander

    We talked about this on the forum here.

    I think it was Bild that reported he was moving to McLaren. Probably guessing a bit though.

    Profile photo of Todfod

    Brawn + Alonso in 2015 Mclaren Honda.

    I really hope that happens. Ferrari look too incompetent to deserve a driver of Alonso’s calibre.

    Now only if we could get James Allison to leave Ferrari along with Alonso, we would be in for a real cracker of a 2015 season

    Profile photo of

    I hope he does go to Williams. If he can do for them what he did for Honda in 2008 (albeit without the management buy-out, although that’s only for sentimental reasons xD) then i’d be happy.

    Profile photo of Steph

    There was some chatter on Sky this weekend about Brawn to Williams. I don’t like silly season or believe the rumours but for anyone interested Ted interviewed Frank Williams about Brawn and Williams didn’t rule it out, suggested that he might not have the money though, was very complimentary about Brawn but said he was hesitant to say anything further as it may offend the people he is currently employing.

    Profile photo of Lucas Wilson
    Lucas Wilson

    He looked a little dejected at this gp.

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    Mercedes confirm Ross Brawn will leave team

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