Ross Brawn to leave Mercedes?

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    Jack Lenox

    Andrew Benson is making out it’s a done deal. Is it just conjecture?




    It’s Andrew Benson, of course its conjecture


    Jack Lenox

    Haha, fair point. I’m surprised that he has gone as far as making it the top headline story.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The original rumour was that brawn would leave Mercedes, Toto Wolff would become a major figure on the executive board, and Paddy Lowe would join the team. So far, two out of three have come to pass, so Benson is no doubt banking on the original rumour being entirely true.


    Karl Malone

    If true, this has to hurt Ross. After saving Honda/Brawn GP and selling over to Merc, with all his hard work, for his job to be under threat seems very unfair. If he is forced out, where will he end up. If McLaren have another hit and miss year, could Martin Whitmarsh see his head on the chopping block? Would Ross fit into McLaren?

    I know i am just speculating but stranger things have happened.


    Jack Lenox

    Yeah, I feel sorry for the guy.

    As for McLaren, maybe Ron Dennis will reinstall himself as team principal? Whenever you see him at a race he looks as though he’s itching to get back in the saddle.



    I think Mercedes would be stupid to let Ross Brawn go. However, perhaps these rumours have stemmed from Ross Brawn willingly wanting to step down. He has been in F1 for many, many years now, and perhaps he is trying to build the team up, with the right people before he steps down himself?

    As for McLaren, I would hate to see Ron Dennis back as team principal. Admittedly, I am more of a driver supporter, than a team supporter, but McLaren have been much more likeable since Martin Whitmarsh has been in charge, than when Ron Dennis was. Obviously, winning is more important to these people, but with Ron Dennis in charge, the team wasn’t that much more successful anyway, at least between 2000 and 2007 in terms of Championships. Ross Brawn, however…I would like to see him there, if he is being forced out of Mercedes, just because I think he could be a key asset to the team that has just lost a key member of staff.


    Alex green

    I’ve a sneaky feeling that Ross will be on gardening leave soon

    wish i could get some gardening leave



    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ross taking on a similar position at Williams. They are on the lookout for a Team Principle (Paddy Lowe was originally slated for the position) and they are also fairly local to Ross’ home. I think it would also be a good match of personalities and engineering over politics.



    why would ross go from merc whom havent had a bad 2012 bar haveing schumi whom is an idiot for coming back, to willams who are struggling to hold on the once forgotten titles and wins

    if it were me id choose to stay rather then jump in to willams

    all the time frank is around nothing will change hes to stuck in hes old ways.

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