Rumor: Brawn to join Williams for 2014

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    Had anyone heard that one before? This is the first time I’ve seen it, following the announcement that Xevi Pujolar is leaving Grove to move to Toro Rosso.
    In that rumor, Ross would bring his own team and work with Massa once again, trying to bring Williams back to old glory.
    Source is in portuguese: http://www.grandepremio.com.br/f1/noticias/engenheiro-chefe-da-williams-fecha-com-toro-rosso-e-da-forca-a-rumores-sobre-chegada-de-brawn-em-2014


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    It came up at around the same time as the Honda rumors. Ted even got comments from Claire and Sir Frank on this in Abu Dhabi. They’re interested, but nothing discussed as of yet, apparently.


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    It would make sense, as if there is anyone who can help a struggling team, I think Ross Brawn would be one of my first choices. Though I think I’d still prefer him to go to McLaren, and have a reunion of Button, Honda and Brawn!


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    Ironically Benetton was the first team to end Williams’ Dominance, albeit with a lot of help from the FIA (rightly so, though, I think it’s a good thing that active suspension is gone).


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    Iestyn Davies


    I thought Rob Smedley was going to replace Xavi Pujolar. But Brawn’s next location is hard to pin down. Sabbatical, Williams, McLaren-Honda, Ferrari….


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    That rumour has been around for weeks now. Frank was interested but it depends on how much money Brawn wants and whether he’s interested. The easiest solution seems to be Ferrari: Stefano has already confirmed he would step aside if that’s what needed to happen and Ferrari are utterly desperate to start winning championships again. There’s no room for Brawn at McLaren- Whitmarsh would have to go but there’s not even been a whisper of that happening. There’s also plenty of speculation that Brawn might take a year out to see how the teams do in 2014 to make his decision.


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    For me the top 3 options are:

    1. FIA – They very much need someone like Ross there, to ensure rules are enforced properly and loopholes fully closed.
    2. Honda (NOT McLaren) – They have some unfinished business with Ross, and the guy’s massive experience with engines (having worked with Cosworth, Renault, Ferrari, AND Mercedes) would be of massive help.
    3. Williams – For the reasons stated above. Ross can buy Toto Wolff’s shares so that Frank doesn’t need to pay as much.

    It looks like Ross will go fishing for a while first, and make a decision before the end of next year.

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