Safety car: How good or bad is that rule about lapped cars?

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    I remember Interlagos’ race back in 2003, when because of heavy rain lots of cars crashed and debris were everywhere. That race was red flagged, but there have been many other situations when safety car is deployed to ensure ALL pilots are controlled because of the accident situation. Meanwhile, stewards work cleaning and picking pieces, scattered things etc, so in my opinion lapped cars can endanger stewards’ lives, if lapped cars are “catching up”
    A solution could be they go “slow enough” (let’s say 10kph more than SC cars) to let stewards work and cath the others at the same time…but that procedure would take a bunch of laps to be in line again.
    What do you say? In my opinion, if Race Control wants to “reorder” the line, so display (or talk to the teams via radio) the cars’ place so lapped cars don’t move forward, overtaking the SC, but all the contrary, slip back till they are in their places again. Purist may say that with this move they get lapped one more time, but (come on!), an exception for safety should be done (only under SC conditions)



    Lapped cars will not overtake and regain a lap until the track is clear, so safety isn’t really a concern. Making lapped cars slip back is a bit unfair on them. Safety car periods will be longer, however when the rule implemented before, I never really thought to myself that safety car periods are too long. I’d rather lapped cars overtake so that they don’t spoil the battle between the leaders.



    I still think that SCs are inherently unfair as it eliminates gaps. I still say have a full course speed limit to preserve gaps.


    Keith Collantine
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