sandbaggng ????

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    With the latest timing tests.

    It appears that Red Bull are once again the team with the fastest car.

    But realistically is this true ???

    I am hoping that there is a strategy of sandbagging by the Mclaren team.

    It were anticipated that the Mclaren were onto something with their

    new design. Something like the diffuser had been anticipated.

    The new exhaust system may just B it. All the testing has been with last seasons

    MP4 because it is a system they are aware of. They just wanted data for using the

    new tyres.

    Strategic ploy, make everybody look the other way (at red bull & ferrari)

    then come Australia. Blow the field away.

    Similar to the 1998 season, everybody looking at Williams/Ferrari up steps Mika

    Hakkinen, title !!!


    Red Andy

    We all thought McLaren were sandbagging in 2004 – they weren’t.

    Many thought McLaren were sandbagging in 2006 – they weren’t.

    Some then thought McLaren were sandbagging in 2009 – they weren’t.

    A few, apparently, still think McLaren are sandbagging in 2011 – they aren’t.



    Hmmm…not so sure teams have the time/luxury to sandbag with such limited amounts of testing time, with weather always threatening to shorten an already restricted number of days…

    I suppose it’s a possibility, but methinks to know everything they need to know about the new tires they would have to be going 10/10ths in testing, at least on occasion, or they would have question marks looming over them as to how the tires will do for them once they’re racing in anger.

    And I don’t think the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari can be lulled into looking the other way and somehow being caught off guard…they can only control what they themselves are doing, and only need to concentrate on their own effort and making sure they have done their level best. What others do is beyond their control, and unless Mac has the next ‘double diffuser’ that there might be big buzz about as there was with BrawnGP who excelled in testing that year, which it sounds like they don’t going by all the observations and comments about testing so far, including from their own team, I think Mac genuinely has some work ahead of them…but who doesn’t? Red Bull and Ferrari can’t just stand still just because so far they seem to be the leaders this year. I’m sure, as with all the teams, they are looking to see what everyone else has done with their new efforts, and would only be caught off guard if someone was showing to be very fast but with a controversial component to the car that might be deemed legal after expectations that it would be banned…



    Typical “McLaren is the best” type fan. No, they are not sand bagging. Do you even follow F1? Have you been on the main site recently? If so, you would here both Button and Hamilton complaining about that ugly, slow, extra-chromsomed dog of a car… I mean the MP4/26. This year will be a wake up call for Mclaren, and maybe a wake up call for Hamilton. 2009 obviously didn’t do the trick, so maybe a year in the back will straighten that team up.


    sbl on tour

    @polsh boy, for sure youre being a bit harsh there



    Sure, maybe that was a bit harsh, but I’m tired of total ignorance. I’m a huge fan of Kubica, but do you see me walking around saying that “Kubica is just playing hurt, come Australia, he’ll blow the whole field away”. Is it likely? No, there’s not even the slightest possibility of that happening. You know how I know that? Becuase I read articles, and follow news, and use a bit of common sense. Anyway, I call troll on the Pepsiperfect guy. The name, style of writing, and ignorant question is a textbook case of troll.



    Ditto Red Andy



    Why is sandbagging restricted just to McLaren? Perhaps Williams are sand bagging and their real pace is greater than the Ferrari’s. Perhaps Hispania’s no-car is a ploy to unveil a truly staggeringly fast car at the final test so that no-one can copy in time for Australia.

    Perhaps most worryingly of all, Red Bull are not showing their true pace…



    Is this guy taking the mick?!

    I really can’t see that this is the case.

    Agreed with Polishboy808.



    No, I don’t think so. They’re just cr*pping themselves because they know the car is too slow. Hamilton and Button haven’t exactly held back in their criticism over the last few weeks, and the only reason Martin Whitmarsh sounds a little more optimistic is because that’s his job.

    Ferrari and Red Bull are easily the fastest, and actually I wouldn’t rule out Mercedes giving McLaren a run for their money- at least for the first half of the season.

    Notwithstanding reliability issues, I fully expect Australia to be a two-horse race between Ferrari and Red Bull. I’m sure McLaren will catch up eventually, but the other two teams may be too far ahead by then. Put it this way- I would happily bet a lot of money that either Red Bull or Ferrari will win both Championships this season.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    A few, apparently, still think McLaren are sandbagging in 2011 – they aren’t.

    Largely fans who don’t want to believe that the team is anything less than perfect.



    Completely agree with Red Andy and VettelS, McLaren have simply built a bad car, it is possible that they might get up into decent points later but in Melbourne I think they will be lucky to scrap points



    Everybody is sandbagging, it’s part and parcel to testing in the sport. That evens everyone out.

    News from testing suggests that this years McLaren has quite a few problems that are unrelated to sandbagging.

    To suggest sandbagging as a reason for their performance shortfall defies logic. If Red Bull and Ferrari are convincingly ahead of the pack, why aren’t they sandbagging to an increasingly greater extent to disguise their true pace?



    I find it amusingly ironic that throughout this whole thing users have been using biased comments about McLaren as an excuse to slate McLaren fans. Be nice, they’ve got a lot to worry about!

    Anyway, sand-bagging is a myth born out of actual practice sessions on race weekends when teams would do long runs rather than qualifying simulations. I’ve never see in it in pre-season testing, after all, you want to know how fast you can go and how the car handles that speed.

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