Sauber in 2011

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    Anybody else excited by Kobayashi and Perez at Sauber next year? The team have improved their pace all season and with the funding from Telmex I think they’ll be challenging FI and Williams in the constructors’ championship. They’ve got two very watchable drivers in place, too – and their reliability problems are sorted, too.


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    I really hope they come up with a good car. I think Kobayashi’s brilliant, and he’s only going to get better with time. Give him the car, and I think he could one day be a World Champion.

    Obviously, that’s not going to happen next year, but I think Sauber in a couple of years could be right up with the Ferraris, McLarens and Red Bulls.


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    I hope they do well, I have been paying a lot more attention to them as the year has gone by.

    The sponsership will go along way.

    I hope Williams does well too, they really need some sponsership for next year.


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    At the start of the season I said Sauber had the right line-up with the wrong team: a fats rookie to learn off and benefit from the work done by the experienced driver, but few resources to really improve.

    It seems next year they’ll have the resources but not the driver(s). See Toro Rosso.


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    ” a fats rookie”

    Sorry Icthyes but that made me giggle even if I’m in no position to giggle as I always make typos!

    I really agree with Icthyes. Kobayashi can be terrible at qualifying so I think he’ll keep battling away and Perez will cost the team so points while he gets up to speed. It’s a worse line up than this year’s but in the long run it has better potential.


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    Yeah I agree with Icthyes, he doesn’t excite me but at least Heidfelds consitant, experianced, kept Kubica honnest, definatley going to bring in better results than Perez.


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    Those of you who are saying how good other drivers ‘would’ do, are forgetting that Perez is a pay driver..

    Anyway, hopefully Kobayashi can build upon thr results of this season.


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    Fer no.65


    Koba’s a fat rookie…


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    Keith Collantine


    Ten years prior to 2011 they also had a driver in his second full season and a rookie and they did pretty well.


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    Not to mention their reserve driver who was no slouch either…


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    I think Sauber are pretty shrewd with the drivers they bring through – they gave Raikkonen, Massa and Kubica their first drives. I’d add Kobayashi to that list – he’s brave and fast, as his performances in the second half of the season have proven. He’s got that gutsy bravery that reminds me of Schumacher, and it’s easy to forget he’s a rookie – he’s outperformed Hulkerberg and Petrov in faster cars; Sauber got lucky that Toyota dropped out, otherwise his 2009 cameos should’ve made him a shoo-in with them.

    I also suspect that the money Perez brings in will be more valuable than the points he’ll ‘cost’ them – Heidfeld *might* be able to drive the car faster, but the money Perez brings in should put the car further up the grid in the first place.


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    Technically they gave Vettel his first drive as well.


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    Those of you who are saying how good other drivers ‘would’ do, are forgetting that Perez is a pay driver..

    And you’re forgetting that pay drivers don’t just show up and flash their bank balance. The feeder series are structured such that any driver who gets into the sport must have enough talent to qualify for a superlicence to begin with.

    And most of the drivers on the grid pay for their seats. Look at Adrian Sutil, who brings sponsorship from Medion to Force India.

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