Schumacher vs. Heidfeld

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    If Mercades had chosen Heidfeld to race instead of Schumacher, how well do you think he would be doing in comparison to Schumacher?



    Better because of tyres and having more recent race experience. Whether Schumi was the right way to go we’ll only see when he retires again then we can look back and see if he got up to speed again.

    Putting Heidfeld up againmst Rosberg would have been fun to watch though I think.



    It would be wise for Mercedes to give Heidfeld one of the friday practice sessions.

    Would be interested in his pace relative to both Schumacher and Rosberg, cant say i am fully decided on Heidfeld yet, a ncie chance to prove himself and earn a seat next year.


    Ned Flanders

    Short term (ie this season)- Heidfeld

    Medium term (next 2 or 3 seasons)- Schumacher

    Long term- someone much younger

    OK, so Schumi is having a shocker, but I think perhaps we’re writing him off too soon. He will almost certainly be far quicker next season once he has a bit more experience of the ‘new’ F1. If there’s one person capable of bouncing back and proving us all wrong, it’d be Schumacher



    The performance of a driver is depending on the character of his car. This years car does obviously not suit to MS style of driving a F1 car as the car was under development when nobody was thinking of MS to drive the 2010 Brawn GP car. Next year things will change.

    The friday practice thing is a good idea, maybe well see it in Spa, as the grid penality ruins MS race anyway.



    I agree with Superted, Let’s see what Heidfeld is capable of.



    I don’t think Heidfeld in the middle of the season will be capable of doing anything as he didn’t spend any time with the car as Schumacher & Roseberg did in the testing session in February.So if they want to bring him back in F1 then they should bring him in 2011 if Schumacher retires at the end of the season which I think is unlikely if he is fit.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    If Heidfeld were driving for Mercedes, they’d probably be behind Renault in the championship. Heidfeld is rubbish; he’s the most over-rated driver in years.


    Ned Flanders

    Jeez monkeys did Heidfeld slap you when you were a child or something?? Why exactly do you hate him so much? I know it’s sensible to not get carried away consider him championship material when all he’s managed is a few podiums… but he’s clearly not ‘rubbish’, and to say he would cost Mercedes 4th place is pretty daft.



    I think Ned is right in saying Heidfeld would probably do better this year, as he would be close to Nico (like he was with Kubica), for next year i still see Schumi putting up a real fight for wins and at least a shot at the title.

    Surely Mercedes will have to look for somebody new from 2011/2012 onwards, Vettel will hardly go to them with their track record so far and Sutil or Glock are not sure to do the trick (that’s going for German drivers only).


    Tom L.

    Heidfeld may only have got a few podiums but he’s had more than Rosberg over the time that the two have been in the sport, so even taking Rosberg’s current good form into account, you could presume that Heidfeld would be doing just as well if not better than Rosberg. In any case, better than Schumacher!



    Don’t underestimate Heidfeld. In my eyes he proved to me how good he was when he drove at Williams. Too bad it ended a bit short. But he’s a very good driver!

    In the right car he could have been big, but I guess we will never see that happening.



    Heidfeld would be better in the short term but Schumacher is the better driver he just needs to prove it, maybe next year he’ll be better.



    The problem for Schumacher is that he doesn’t have a few years to spare to grow. He’s one of the great drivers of the past, but to me he’s just clogging up space for a young driver right now. He needs F1, I don’t really know if F1 really needs him anymore though.

    He can’t get into his normal routines of before (testruns for hours and hours) and won’t be able to get into that same scheme next year. In a sport that has so little seats available, teams should think twice before bringing back old glories. For the sake of the youngsters, but just as much for the sake of the older driver that returns.

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