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Sebastian Vettel: a good boy or not?

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    In the previous years I thought that Sebastian Vettel was a nice and funny boy. But know I discover that he isn’t. Has success affected him? I will post videos for examples:

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    And, of cource, this. (Sorry for the video , couldn’t find a better one)
    Also, there was his behaviour at Valencia this year, where he criticised FIA about their decision for the safety car, and he thinks (I don’t say he lies) that the safety car was responsible about his retirement.

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    There is also another video I found at spa 2010..

    Turkey 2010:

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    He seems like a good bloke off the track. On the track, however, he is quite a brat. He’s very, very arrogant which I think comes from being spoiled by Red Bull for half his life. He seems to think that F1 is his to win and everyone else is just getting in his way.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Sorry, but some of thise seems to be bashing Vettel for the sake of bashing him. It’s understandable that sometimes, emotions run high, but that’s no excuse to make him out to be a childish, unsporting brat – because I’m pretty sure that if you looked hard enough, you could find similar videos of other drivers doing the same thing.

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    He is not bad or good, he is simply so used to being at the front, frustration can show! Put it like this, when you play a computer game on easy, and smash every level you think great, but when you then put it to hard, you automatically stop winning how you did, and it can become very frustrating!

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t think Vettel has msitaken real life for a computer game.

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    I’m willing to bet everything on my savings account that every top driver feels this way, Vettel’s just more vocal about it right when it happens. They just hold themselves to a very high standard. Afterwards he’s always very humble and thankful to his team and those involved though.

    Profile photo of Karthikeyan

    Considering that Vettel hasn’t a) brake tested anyone b) lied to the stewards c) blackmailed team for number 1 status using ingenious ways d) claiming to be a minority when at fault e) whined consistently how everyone else is against him winning in a public forum – I don’t think he is as bad as you are trying to make him look. Get real @sigman1998

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    So he has a bad temper when the stakes are high, it’s an annoying trait, but it doesn’t make him a bad person.

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    Show me one multiple champion who doesn’t act like that when they for some reason don’t get the result they want.
    Even the really great drivers did it.
    Senna for instance.. How many times didn’t he flip the bird at drivers who were just a little in the way?
    Name me a single multiple champion of the sort of modern era of F1, that hasn’t done things like that.
    I don’t think there are any.
    Some drivers are better at holding back then others, but they all have such a strong will to win that their temper will run away with them once in a while when things get hot.
    They aren’t equally good actors all of them, and they are not supposed to be.
    They are supposed to drive cars very very fast and win races. They are so good, and so focused that it makes them seem unnatural. Like robots. But when things get hot and they start showing signs of frustration and anger, then suddenly, I at least, feel that I can relate to it. It is what makes them human. Makes them one of us.
    If they were all “fine…” with loosing, then what would be the point? Where is the drama? Where are the confrontations, the controversies?
    I bash drivers for saying stupid things my self, but at the end of the day, the stupid things they say only adds to the sport, and I think we should accept that they are human and start to appreciate it instead of using it as a weapon.

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    Guys, I didn’t say something bad for Sebastian Vettel, but I want to hear your opinion about a racer who is saying that his team, which has given him a very good car every year he is driving for Red Bull, has made wrong decisions or pit stops (videos 1&2) or other drivers make him losing. I may have understood something wrong because I am not from England, so I don’t talk very good English. Let someone explain me the team radios.

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    vettel is authentic. always. that’s good for your health, by the way.

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    The only way to become a champion, is to always want to be the best and do the best. That means that when you don’t win, you have to look at what went wrong. Vettel is always very grateful and shares the glory with his team, but he also pushes them as hard as he pushes himself to ensure the best result any time.

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